Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

First of all we are all gamers.Second we are humans.Put yourself in   my shoes.I am a 30 years and I'm playing in the night when I arrive home with my friends and with my wife.i had xbox 360 for 3 years and an xbox one from day one,I paid xbox live for 6 years and over 100 games.Well done microsoft you got my money!  2 Months ago I ordered an xbox elite from microsoft store and I was very happy. Good.2 days ago I went to sleep and forget my xbox turned on .I see the light in the morning and push the power to switch off the xbox.In the evening I switch the xbox on I was very excited to play The division beta in the 18 .Know my xbox i shows an error code.xbox live had problems these days and I've restarted the router. OK that doesn't work.Next restart the console.Next factory Setting.Ok the xbox ask for first day update another error,OK check connection and it shows console banned!Now you guys tell me I've been robbed for thousands of dollars by this corporation or no?OK don't answer that I know we live in a free world on paper but actually freedom of speech and rights doesn't exist anymore!Every microsoft call ,every support chat (dozens ),twiter or any chanel I use ,I was send to Enforcement Team.Ok first of all at check console doesn't have a box for Xbox One.Second you can not contact never and you can not receive an explanation or email from xbox or Microsoft. The enforcement team forum is closed.So we live in an Kim Jong IL dictatorship like world where some desk mouse can rob you of your hard worked money and not even give you a reason or a thank you note for helping paying their salaries.    I never engaged in conversation with other players only my adult friends,I never entered an argument, I never cheated or did something wrong,I never did nothing only give them money!Put in my shoes and after you judge!  My question that you can answer freely is I'm gone buy another xbox I have a guarantee they don't gone be robbed again and get banned.My account has a perfect record!


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Tried to read that wall of text but not really sure what you're trying to say

Sorry I was driving for clearing my head,I stopped over to lay my thoughts here,and the autocorect on this phone is awful!

the only people that can assist you are in the enforcement forums, the post will not go live straight away as they have to approve them, if the console has been banned but not your profile then you have not lost anything, if your profile has been banned then you lose everything, im not judging as i don't know what you might have done but they don't ban for no good reasons, when you open the xbox and make a profile you are agreeing to there terms of use and if banned will lose access to all licences for the content purchased as we don't own any games.


It's a Dog eat dog world where Bussiness subjects are consumers or Gov subjects are citizens (both spelled with a lower case c.) are born, live and die all the while wearing Milk Bone underwear.

Few examples here in the US.

1) We have The Right to fine you for catching rain water.

2) We have The Right to Fine you for downing The Kings Deer out of season and without a licence.

Don't matter if you have NO access to 'city water.' Nor that the deer would have helped feed you and yours for a month.


1) We have The Right to track everything you say and do, even in your own home simply because you bought and used our product.

2) We have a Right to sell your info to other companies.

Now that that's out of the way and you now realize that you have no rights, freedoms or liberties. Lets move on to your console bann.

Why do you feel that the bann was in error?


The enforcement forums are no longer used so no good posting there.

An email would of been sent to the address linked to your account explaining the ban or it should tell you here


They normally  ban xbox ones if there have been several accounts on that console all getting suspensions.

That may not be the reason but there is a reason,they don't just ban consoles for the fun of it.

I'd also like to inform you that the Xbox Live service is a service, through and through, and as such you are subject to its Code of Conduct and Terms of Use, just like with any other service that is provided. You don't have the same freedoms you may have as a citizen of whatever country you may come from, because the service is not your country of origin - far from it, in fact. To use their service, you must agree to their terms, rules, and regulations, which you have already done, since that's part of the process of signing up to Xbox Live. Since you have, by your own admission, been banned, then that means you have likely violated those terms, so you have been terminated from the service. As a company, Microsoft has the right to refuse service (with a few minor stipulations, regarding human rights, of course) and has simply done so with you. That's really all there is to it.

Lol,nice one "it must be a reason ,they don't ban consoles for the fun of it"! Remember this : one account all this year's never signed a second account on my new console.My account has a perfect record and is fine.I can even join enforcement team beta after verification. The last xbox one I had it for 2 years,not even a minor problem!This xbox elite just for two months.It doesn't  work not even offline now so all of you think I must done some wrongful act,But if I didn't  ,if there are many more like me?if you are next?if this can happen to anyone? Others tell us what to think these days,what is righteous and what is wrong. I tell you guys again I never done anything wrong  ,I'm gone fight it ,Lucky  for me I'm in Europe where we still have rights and where microsoft has been fined billions!   Finally an exercise for the mind;Buy a car ,after 2 Months is dead .You can not repair the car elsewhere, and the dealership won't give you a reason,but now You have rust bucket without breaking any rule!

The problem I am having with all this is the "banned for no reason"...  everyone is an innocent victim. OP, maybe you did not cheat but could someone else have used your console while you were not around? There is always two sides to a story.


As for Xbox Live being a dictatorship, you agreed to the TOU that go along with a Live membership which are clearly stated.  

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