About Naughty Bear achievements...

Hi people! Hoping here someone could help me with some information.

Recently, I bought Naughty Bear Gold Edition. Gotta say, for the bad reviews it had, I have to say this game surprised me because the fun and arcade style replay value. It was very fun to play this game from the beggining to the end on the main story. Now I'm just with the DLC chapters 9 and 10.

However, I've come to realize that some (if not all) achievemtents for episode 9 are glitched. No matter how I many times I try to unlock them, the achievements don't pop up. I've even come to use some guides and follow them excatly to unlock them and nothing happens. I've been to other forums and some gamers are very sure that episode 9 in particular is glitched for unlocking the achievements and I gotta say that is not far from the truth... I've seen some friends having this achievements but that's because they have the normal edition and downloaded the DLC separately.

Please, if anyone has any info regarding this please let me know because there is no forum on NB's website to complain about this issue.


Thanks everyone for your help!


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I have only the normal versions of the add-ons but I bought for me is 10 glichem episod.Jeżeli zrobyć know how to write back some archievement.

Are you able to delete the DLC from your harddrive or is it all run from the game?

Brilliant game.


Strange that you've had trouble with the achievements.


2 things you can do are:


-  Delete the DLC from your console and then re-download from your "Historic Downloads" queue.


-  Check out www.360achievements.org and www.trueachievements.com which are 2 reuputable sites that specialise in unlocking achievements.  Both sites will have guides to unlocking achievements and if there are any known glitches they will be listed with possible work arounds posted.


Let us know how you get on.



Awful game.

I got 5 achievements for episode 9 but it was a while ago that i played it.


It was a very good game for anyone that actually gave it a chance by playing more than a couple of levels.

I completed it and still thought it was poor.

it depends how you complete it though.

if you go through the whole game killing every bear in the same few ways it is boring,the trick is to find all the different ways to kill them and go for the ironic kills for the achievements.

I kill all the bears in different ways but this powtaża but leads me to not count a lot of fun back to the topic to try to raise two ways :p

I really enjoyed this game shame I never completed it.  I loved the originality.  My kids however didn't think it was funny and would always make sure there best teddys were hidden in case i had any ideas LOL


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