A verbal gamertag report

I have already reported this gamertag for system tampering and cheating but i want to to also report him verbally. The owner of this gametag also was using some type of mod to cheat in-game. i have not seen any act to ban or put on probation on call of duty ghosts. so i hope that microsft will do this because tryarch/infintyward are not acting on anything. i aslo seen someone with the gamertag [GT Removed by Mod] return cheating in-game and seeing what he did makes me think he either has a modded console or something similar.


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Reporting on the forum is more likely to get you suspended from here than it is them from Xbox LIVE, as there is a no name and shame rule in place here.


The only place to report a person is through your console. Once that is done all you can do is wait until the Enforcement Team get around to looking at the report. Given the amount they get each day, that could be a little while.

if i get suspended big wup i just want something to happen to people who decide to cheat in-games

Take a look at forums.xbox.com/.../41.aspx


People are getting suspended and banned all the time. Things do happen to those who cheat but occasionally it takes a little time.

If you've reported them via your console them something will be done about them if they are found to be cheating.

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if i get suspended big wup i just want something to happen to people who decide to cheat in-games

[/quote]Thing is, NOTHING will happen to ANYONE whom you name and shame on the forums.  The only thing that will happen is mods editing your post removing gamertags in question, and if you continue to repost those gamer tags you'll eventually have your posting privileges revoked.  The only location where the PET (Policy Enforcement Team) has stated to use is the complaint system via your console.  If you have filed a complaint via your console, then move on.  They will investigate and handle it.  It may not be in the time frame that you would like, but they will investigate.

The only option is to report the guy, block and mute him as well. If there was other people in the lobby with this guy, ask them to report the guy as well. The more complaints filed, the better. The enforcement team will see a report on him, there's just a lot of reports being filed daily.