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I was laying black ops with him (he was a random) and he was cussing and yelling at his team because they were bad. so i suggested to him to play something like ffa or league play and he was just getting more and more angry and eventually he invited me to a party and threatened to kick me offline using my ip address. im not sure i believe him but its still scary knowing theres people that do that.


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Posting this in the forums in not allowed.  You can not post accusatory things about other user on these public forums.  The reason for this is some people will lie about someone else, and say they are cheaters when they are innocent (I'm in no way suggesting this is what you are doing).  This can potentially lead to a defamation case.

What you need to do instead is file a complaint on this person through the feedback system on your Xbox console. http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live/account-banning-and-player-feedback/file-player-complaint  Once you have submitted that complaint, a staff member of the XBL Policy Enforcement team will investigate the complaint, and take whatever action is necessary.   This may take a while to eventuate, and you will not be informed of any decisions made.

Edit: Also block communication with them.  They can't send you any messages when they are blocked.