a quick black ops question? is this a hack.

okay so this is the first time i saw it.

basically me and my party were calling in RCXDs and they were on the ground i could see them but then the other teams (and even some of the others on our team) had flying RCXDs and they didn't move forwards or backwards the move sideways.


has anyone seen this? i saw it for the first time last night and it was happening in each game with these group of players, so me and my clan dropped out and then they kept sending messages to try and get us to join back into their games. (it hasn't happened to our RCXDs they're fine.)


is it a hack of was it just a bad glitch.


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I cant answer your question unfortunately sparkle. I really do hope the hack brigade have not infiltrated Black Ops as well? Its the only COD I can play!

I've seen something similar on a mates vid his own RXCDs were disappearing and flying off at light speed and he DEFINITELY doesn't run hacked games so I would suggest maybe its a glitch?

okies, cause black ops was unplayable last night with that.  (well not only that.)

other things i forgot to mention. a level 1 player running round with a flame thrower and was able to be revived in second chance (which to my knowlege you have to pro that to get that, but how can a level 1 pro it?)

Its not sounding very good there Sparkle! Level one running around with flamethrower? Superspeed RCXD's? Messages to come back? I see they have released news about COD Elite as well. Oh dear!

yeah i didn't think it looked good which is why i asked.

i was just reminded why i do not post in other forums, i just asked this to the blops thread you know not saying this is cool check this out but asking the above? and how it can happen and i was asked for pictures or it didn't happen. typical.

Havent sussed the link thing in the new format yet.


Take a look at that, Sparkle.


EDIT: Hey, sussed it lol

There were hacks in the game for a while now but at least they were incredibly rare. I hope they can be deal with quickly though, because having no hacks was basically the main strength of the game over other titles in the franchise. Unfortunately it might not remain that way for too long. I remember seeing a video, probably in December or January, showing a guy who had one-hit-kill Nova Gas and God mode in a ranked match. I was hoping it was an isolated case but it doesn't exactly seem that way anymore. :(

well it's really annoyed me that all i did was ask in the COD forums and they're saying it didn't happen until i take pictures.. so i will have to go through the BF's vids to find it and mine and try and take a picture of it while it's happening on replay... yeah real fun.

Had an issue today playing Mercenery Moshpit, I got a care package through the grenade down in an open space, helecopter flew over and the car package never appeared!

Maybe something to do with the new update I got this morning for it?

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