a question

I not know if this is the good place to post if its not move it then to the good place.

Now that Microsoft points have been chance to real money to buy new dlc or other things on the Xbox 360.

And later when the Microsoft points are gone for ever how most we buy then that stuff same for the Xbox one when its out.

i know that we can use paypal and credit card but I not using both of then and I think more have the same problem later.

Why is there no IDEAL pay system option for the players that live in the EU and other place that it can be use?

ps. PI am very bad in English cause it is just hard for me to Write it correcly. So i hope you understand What i wrote.


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You can still redeem points cards and they'll be converted to a cash value.


Eventually you'll be seeing cash value cards in the shops. They'll work just like points cards but you'll be paying $20 for a $20 card.


This is the same system that the PS3 uses.

i know that but soon of later the cards are gone.

how you wane pay then for a DLC if you not using paypal or not have a credit card?

What voteDC is trying to say is, there will still be prepaid cards you can purchase at any retail store (that sells them) for cash. These cards won't have Microsoft points on them, rather they will be like prepaid credit cards.


When they stop selling cards for the XBOX360, the XBOX360 will be discontinued and there will be no need for them. But from what Microsoft said at E3, that won't happen for years to come.