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Hello, I am simply here to ask what is the typical consequence for someone that mods their achievements? Now I realize many of you now assume I have done this or plan to. You are incorrect. If any Microsoft employee is skeptical enough, by all means, check. I wish to know because I see people on Live that have obviously modded their gamerscore. I do file a complaint on them; however, I wish to know what they are typically punished with because if they mod that, they are most likely willing to mod further if their punishment is a slap on the wrist. I am not trying to criticize Microsoft's "punishment" system, but I would like to get a better understanding on what they do when someone commits a petty "crime" like modding achievements and gamerscore. One final note: I realize that the severity of punishment is derived from the number, and severity, of past actions, as well as the severity of the present action. So let's say that a person with modded achievements has a completely clean record. What would be a typical punishment? To see how well I know Microsoft, I will guess it would be about a two day ban and achievements are reset or locked. Am I in the ball park?

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They get no ban at all.

The only thing that happens is the games they modded on are reset and they get a cheater banner on their profile.

[quote user="THEOWENKILLER"]They get no ban at all.

The only thing that happens is the games they modded on are reset and they get a cheater banner on their profile.[/quote]

This answer is incomplete. The cheater has all current achievements zeroed out, and can't re-unlock any of them; the player would only be able to unlock achievements that had not been unlocked before the reset. So, if a gamer had 30,000 Gamerscore that was legitimate, and "hacked" one achievement, they'd be losing 30,000 GS plus that one they cheated on. None of those achievements could be unlocked again on that profile.

Also: it is usually the case that if a branded Cheater modified the gamerscore again, that profile will be banned permanently from Xbox Live. Lots of forum users wonder why other modifications to the profile (such as illicit avatar or tenure edits) get an immediate ban while gamerscore cheats get a second chance (even if it includes being branded Cheater), since they're all profile modification. My theory is that Xbox had already established in the Code of Conduct that the punishment for achievement cheating, which doesn't always involve literal profile editing, had the specific punishment of resetting and branding. Everything else could be banned under generic "mods".

This leads to two kinds of whining from modders. Some folks cry that they should not be banned for a first offense with "no warning", when they were warned in the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. Then, achievement cheaters who re-mod. their gamerscore wonder why they were banned, when they "only" got reset and branded the first time. (That whine also comes up for people with offensive gamertags who eventually get banned after several forced name changes.)