A question for Xbox One owners about HD games re-released

Will you be buying games that were already released in HD but now they're being re-released for Xbox One?


One solid example is Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition the game will have better graphics and all of the DLC but pretty much some owners of Xbox 360 / PS3 already played this game so they'll pass on this new HD release.


Giving games from the 6th Gen an HD remaster was a great idea but this is just milking the cow until it's completely dry.


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I don't have an Xbox One yet, but for me it would largely about whether I have played that game before. So I could consider buying the HD rehash of Tomb Raider, but I wouldn't buy the HD rehash of Legend of Zelda: Wind waker (if I had a Wii U), as I already have that game on GameCube.


So yes if it's a game that I'm actually interested in and I don't own it yet it in original form.

Depends on the game if they remade mass effect hand them my saving and bite ere hand off coz I love the mass effect games as for tomb raider I played it on 360 was impressed wanted it for PC so this new version has been said it better then the PC version so yes I'll by it plus I get all the DLC so yes plus £44 for a game is not a bad price

I played the 360 version of Tomb Raider, but I'll still probably get the One edition.

depends on the game for me, i am picking up Tomb Raider:DE, but because i was on the fence about it before and never played it the first time around, and i love that all of the DLC is included so they're not milking it as much as they could be.


the only other games i have picked up are Beyond Good & Evil HD, just because i enjoyed that game so much in the past and had nothing to do with it being in HD, and Halo Anniversary, i already had a digital copy of CE, but still wanted to play it with a face lift, it's funny thing about that is when i really got into playing Halo Anniversary, i didn't even notice the upgraded graphics, it was the same old Halo to me.


would i pick up a re-release of GoW or Fable? doubtful.

I've still got Tomb Raider for my 360, but will buy it again for my Xbox One because I enjoyed it that much and would want to play the slightly better version. But I won't pay £50 for it, £30 top.

Far Cry 3, GTA5 and Skyrim are other games I would rebuy if they came out for the Xbox One.

Nope,i'm not looking after games that i already played a year ago (or more)......

I become a lazy consumer with lazy devs/publishers....

If they released Halo 4 for X1 I'd buy it.  I didn't have my 360 anymore when it came out so yeah I'd buy ti.  Mass Effect series...hmm not sure I played 1 and never finished 2 and didn't play 3.  Maybe would have to see.

i don't plan to buy any HD remixes. i want originally developed for Xbox One games.