A question about the xbox 360 disc drive

hi i have suffered problems with my disc dive over the past couple of days, so i decided to take my xbox 360 apart (was out of warranty so nothing on that front please).

my disc drive will not read games it just says open tray everytime i insert the disk i was wondering if i could get a completely new disk drive off say Ebay and ive got an elite. would it be alright if i got a disk drive off the standard premium would it be compatable? 



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you have to be very careful even opening up your xbox since the last ban wave.any repairs done by anyone other than microsoft approved technicians could be seen as system tampering and could risk a ban.if you are going to try ,i would check some repair guides first though because an open tray error doesn`t always mean you need a new disc drive.

do you mean ban on xbox live? i have checked repair guides but i just want to know the answer to the question.

yes you can get a ban if you console is tampered with even if its just a repair.they don`t design them to be fixed by users.the last ban wave/update highlighted many consoles that had been "tampered with" and gave them errors or rrod.there was loads of posts on the support forums it maybe worth a look at the ones in may/june.

how do they know youve opened the 360 up?

you have told them on their forum

its not on this profile its on a different console as to what my account is on

It isn't just a case of swapping in a new drive.


The drive in a 360 is paired to the motherboard of that console only. The steps needed to change that are the same as the start of the process to modding the drive to play copied games, so obviously Microsoft wouldn't like us discussing that on here.


Even if you got the exact same make and model of drive, it would still need to be altered and as such could put you at risk of a ban from Live.


In the end it is your choice if you go ahead but it isn't something I'd recommend, as it not only puts you at risk of a console ban but there is also the chance that they could take action against accounts on that console.

ok mate i dont think il try that cheers

If you get the exact same make and model of drive then you can swap the logic boards from one drive to another and it will work.

This is not an easy job but I did it for a friend and he has been using that drive for a year or so now and the Xbox works perfectly and he has not been banned because the Xbox thinks it is the same drive.

As far as I know this is not modding just repairing as you are not making the xbox do anything if should not be doing.

This happened to my elite, cost like £90 for repairs but it works perfect now and it plays games now that didnt work before so im happy :)