A question about billing and the Family plan conversion

I am wondering about this;

My Family plan is set up to auto-renew every January. When the conversion happens, will I get billed right away for the second account right then?

Thanx in advance for any input.


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on the janurary that you do it i think

As I understand it, the Family Pack will simply become individual accounts at some point in the near future.  You probably won't still be on the Family Pack by January.  They won't charge you extra for the other accounts.  If I have it right, they just give each account the time remaining, and a lil sump'tn extra for your trouble.  They sent all the Family Pack holders emails about it, but you can also check in with Xbox Customer Support for more info.

So from what I understand is that they moved the family concept over to Xbox One and removed it on 360.  So basically when I renew my membership on all 4 accounts separately now I will have to pay individually again costing me  now $240 to keep them going vs the 99.00 a year I used to pay.  M$ making more sense now if that's the case... greed.  Unless I move them to Xbox One.  I also noticed that since the recent update all the Family accounts can no longer access any of the digital content games, movies, music, (rock band content no longer accessible with wife's account as well which is upsetting her big time)  and only my main account can access the content.  

Let's not jump to conclusions.  Let's let the Xbox One thing happen, see what they do with it.  If they're not planning on retiring the 360 any time soon, then they're bound to do something regarding households with multiple 360's.  Transition periods can often be a bit rough around the edges.


Regarding your family's inability to access your purchased content... are they trying to play it on the console you originally made those purchases?  Have you transferred your licenses onto a different console?  Or is that maybe something you have yet to do, but need to?  Family Pack never bestowed licenses to child accounts as far as I know, so the retirement of the Family Pack shouldn't have anything to do with that.  You might need to call Xbox Customer Support, though, if it's giving you licensing issues.

With the conversion, all the accounts on your Family plan were converted to individual accounts. They were also given an extra 3 months of access. From what I understand, at the end of your normal cycle, the 3 months will kick in and at the end of those you will have to renew your accounts to continue to have Gold access. They shouldn't automatically renew (even the main account) as the Family Plan is seen as a different plan than the 12 month gold plan and the Family Plan is no longer available. Also, you will have to add billing options to all accounts that were not the main account is you want them to renew via CC.

For the content you can't access, just have her sign into her account with the main controller, and sign in your profile on a second system. It sucks having to do this, but that is the only work around I have found so far. Even the accounts on the same system that I bought the content on are having this issue with certain DLCs and games.

What us families with 2-3 Xbox ones were still going to be out extra money just to play online.  More and more I'm wanting to get a 3-4 ps3 and play for free. First the 499 price tag the game 59 the dlc which should be free 50 and now every account 60 a year and use to be 50. Times 3. Sounds like  Xbox has no problems sleeping at night still.