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This player has been harassing other players, accusing everyone who beats him a "cheater," when in terms HE is the cheater. I have played several games with him and as i was soon to collect the win, i was disconnected. I have an Open Nat type so this isn't a connection issue. Further investigation proved that this player had changed his IP address in-game, A.K.A. a boot hack. He only plays Duke Nukem Forever, a game that has low security, to avoid suspicion from players of Call of Duty, Halo, etc. I caught on to this and I'm hoping you can take a look at this player. 


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Just a heads up, you are not allowed to name and shame Xbox Live players on the forums. Use the report player feature on your Xbox.

Met this guy and his group of friends almost 7 years ago on a game called Chromehounds. I ( and my friends) met him on couple of occasions and were about to win both times when he (or whomever was host) would quit the game causing a no win no lose to happen. Both times he messaged us saying we were being reported for cheating and both times we asked him how we cheated. He replied with "I have insider reports from MS that we were cheaters" lol.

Also I van tell you he does cheat as there were people who made legit attempts to 100% the achieves in CH but couldn't as the servers for the games were shut down before it was feasibly  possible as there are 9 leader board achieves plus 6 that required so much experience in specific role type usage. These role type XP achieves are what made 100% the game impossible through legitimate means as they required a ton of time for each one. I played the online for 250-300 hours with ~175 of those hours as a "tac-com" role type and wasn't even 1/4 the way to the achievement for max XP for that role type. Now look at his achieves for Chromehounds.