A long rant on why a life-time xbox user will not be re-buying his One. Please read knowing I cried while writing........

 I'll post my good-bye letter to xbox publicly because me not talking might of led to this situation.  I dont like ending relationship on a vindictive note.  So I will word this good-bye with respects.  With hopes we will see each other on a future date.  For those who stay, push for Crossfire for the ONE.  Crossfire is when to GPU's work together for a better gaming experience aka hooking up 2 xbox's together.  Its rather simple and explained in 5, how many of us have 2 xbox's in the house....

Im 28 and have gamed since forever.  My Father loved to give us video-games.  Though in retro-spective it was most likely 10% wanting to make us happy and 90% him viewing at as a "babysitter in a box".  So as a child I was very lucky to have a to have my fathers financial support to get the newest systems .  The only time I used a PC to game was when I was around 4-6 years old.  RPG's and "Simulators" gave a welcomed break to Atari.  While most my childhood was Nintendo, Atari was my first love.  Anticipating next-gen consoles was the high point of my childhood.  To console gamers who remember the jump from SNES to Mario 64 was life changing.  Open-world 3d imagination station.  A console entry game that truly changed the market.  As the open-world 3d style of Mario 64 is still used to today in many top-selling AAA titles.  Then came HALO.  As the theme song starts to play in my head while I type I feel the jolt of emotion that game brought.  FPS's had arrived.  Differing from Golden-Eye 64, HALO followed its own story line.  Created from the worst of humanity, came the hero of humanity.  In an epic battle in which humans where no longer judged in sects by each other but as a whole by a powerful alien alliance called "The Covenant".  Jaw-Dropping.  Plus for the first time 16x multiplayer via LAN.  Physically hooking up 4 xbox's to play multitplayer.  Then 360 arrived with online multiplayer putting it all togther.  Updates just came flowing in.  Making it not just a gaming console but a gaming console+a home entertainment device.  Ever since HALO I've been a xbox fanatic.  Sometime I would buy an old generation PS for console specific games.

So with 20 years of console release being "life changing", I eagerly awaited the X-box One.  Not only was I disappointed, I felt cheated.

1. Gaming Performance-  Xbox one performs worst then PS4 in ever gaming benchmark.  It is worst, plain and simple.  PC (console) benchmarks do not lie.  1080p at 60 fps is what I was bought.  But I get 900p at 25fps on most titles.  DDR5 has huge game increases over DDR3 (much more then DDR4).  So there are many performance upgrades in the PS4 hardware that add for a much better gaming experiences.  Like better resolution, better frame rate, AND MOST IMPORTANT TO ME much less frame rate variation and spacing.  So when the PS4 does throttle down its frame rate, its much smoother and less noticeable. 

2. 900p 20-25 FPS -  What is 900p?  Its how xbox keeps up with PS4.  Really the xbox one should play games at 720p to get a steady frame rate.  But that would be marketing suicide.  To me 720p with no frame rate drops every time I encounter a bad guy is much better the 900p.  I promise any readers who are reading they would rather the same.  Everyone notices frame drops, its very hard to notice a difference of 180p.  So to be clear im not disappointed that xbox is at 900p.  Im disappointed xbox cant play 900p smooth without constant frame-rate drops.  Like PS4 plays 1080p.  Also for gaming 11520p (12k) is the current high, with 16k for some games.  8k on a 4k monitor actually looks better then 4k.  So 30fps at 1k is pretty horrible in comparison to max gaming potential of other GPU's ar 12k (4k x 3 monitors).

3.  MAKING ME/ALL XBOX PLAYERS PAY FOR THE KINETIC AND OTHER FAILED INNOVATIONS!!!!!!  To those who are wondering why the hell the xbox one performs worst in the performance category but is the same price????  Its because of failed innovations.  Financially those failures should of collapsed xbox.  Though having Microsoft attached gives it some leniency.  The kinect was a huge financial failure.  A financial failure you as the consumer are paying for.  Because X-box taking a financial backlash for there own failed mistakes is ludicrous in their eyes.  They make up the loss by using cheap and outdated hardware at the same cost.  Noticed I said cheap not just outdated (drr3 is no longer used in GPU's).  Cheap because mine didnt last 18 months.  So 360 i bought 3x.  I coughed the 3x 360's up to alot of mishandling on my part.  But xbox one sat nice an cool in 1 place and lasted 18 months.

4.  LOAD TIME- Load time is insane especially with SSD on the market.  I would prefer DDR5 and SSD over the Kinetic any day.

5.  No SLI/Crossfire capabilty-  This may seem far fetched but connecting 2 xbox's for better gaming performance should be quite simple for both the consumer and producer.  For the consumer end it would be as simple as connecting both via a push in connector and using only 1 hdmi.  In pc's AMD GPU's work together all the time, the xbox one is a AMD gpu.  This seems kinda a no-brainer.  As many xbox users already have an extra one in the house.  Its simple software.  The dont actual work as one, they work in unison.  They take turns projecting frames, thus doubling frame rate.  This is why in PC dual GPU deosnt improve graphics, it just increases the frame rate.  Vram usage stays same.  So by dual xbox one you could get 45 fps with no drops at 900p.  Resolution would stay the same but it would be way more smooth.

6. Your outdated.  My new 70" sony 4k tv makes 1080p and 900p to far gone.  For larger displays 4k is vital.  Larger TV's dont gain pixels.  So 4k is hugely beneficial over 1080p with 65"+. Before a 1080p 70" looked like a 40" 720p, now 2160p looks great enlarged.

7. Home Entertainment vs Gaming Consoles - Xbox has stopped caring about gamers and shoots for the middle ground.  Strip away all thought and investment on everyone but GAMERS and I might not be leaving.  But its clear that unlike the 360 where it was gaming +.  Its now home entertainment with gaming in the backdrop.  Something that has not worked out well for X-box.

8. Xbox Live Power Tripping.  Im not a child, I dont need to be monitored or reprimanded OK!!!  Getting banned and being forced to change my GT 3x due to flagging is insane.  The fact that the not only strip you of communication but ban you from media access is insane.  The fact they wont listen or try to remedy bad banning is insane.  The fact the punish for SOLO PLAY MODDING insane.  Something that is encouraged in the Gaming realm.  Modding is awesome when its controlled.  Not ever mod is for cheating.  Many are just to personlize a game to your liking.  Other might like your mod, developers may like your mod.  On PC many developers will make a mod forum to get see what players like and use.  Some mods are picked up and put in to official gameplay.  Xbox evens does sadistic punishments to people glitching in solo play and BRAGS ABOUT IT.  I just hate being told how to game.

So all in all not only was there a no major jump the child in me dreamed for.  I got 900p resolution, 25 FPS, a failed peripheral, and an outdated home entertainment interface (no 4k) for 18 months at the cost of around 700-800$ in just hardware/subscription.  Im sorry but thats not money well spent IMO.  My new PC may of cost 3,000$, weigh a whopping 75 lbs, and dissipate 900W's of heat.  But she's gives me those butterflies the halo theme song once did.  As I feel your downfalls are not entirely to blame.  The switch to PC may of just come with age, like when I left Nintendo for you.......  


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About your rant about games being 900p And vice versa, that's ultimately the developer's fault of how they handle resolution in their games, not necessarily the console.

And your "SOLO PLAY MODDING", the Code of Conduct prohibits modding, single player or otherwise, into Xbox Live as they're unauthorized. If you'd like to have mods in single player games, then stick to your PC rig. The reason for that is balance in console gaming.

I can't say about your other complaints though, I'm sorry for your bad experience.

I also want to add that I decided to leave xbox before I even thought about PC.  I actually left one for 360.  I loved all the free games and the classics.  The only reason I bought a PC to game on was because 360 was to low of resolution and looked horrible.  If it wasnt for the new tv I would still be playing free games on 360.  So im not a "other" fan boy.  And only got a pc because windows 10 has the xbox app.

For those who are interseted here is my 4k PC Build.


"And your "SOLO PLAY MODDING", the Code of Conduct prohibits modding, single player or otherwise, into Xbox Live as they're unauthorized. If you'd like to have mods in single player games, then stick to your PC rig. The reason for that is balance in console gaming."

How does solo play modding effect balance in console gaming?????  Senseless referrals to the rules is why so many are leaving.  Like being in a restaurant and the waitress saying "we dont allow elbow on the table" pointing to a sign then banning you for life.  You would leave not wanting to come back.

Also 900p isnt software, its hardware.  The games im referring to where multi-console release.  The Witcher plays 4k great on PC, 1080p on PS4 great, and xbox horrible at 900p.  If its software then its XBOX software.  Which makes it software and hardware that are lacking.....

JayT sorry for my grammar.  I know online gaming forums hold grammar in the highest regard.  I am truly embarrassed.  

See 4k has been hurting my eyes since the jump from 900p.  My 70" tv displays text too big and my new mechanical gaming keyboard feels awkward typing.  Also when Im typing on a system that can handle has 12x the graphic capabilities of my previous XBOX ONE, its kinda hard to take the time to correct grammar........

No worries pc gaming is where its always been though if you care about graphics hence why i built a rig a couple years ago.  I own consoles also though to have something in my living room for my kids to play with.( they are not allowed on my toys lol)

There is defintely something to be said for building your own system.  Building my PC was awesome.  I started out at a 600 limit, then decided to wait till next year for my car and raid my saving.

I dont think PC are for all and consoles are awesome.  But even comparing 360 to ONE, IMO 360 is far better to current.  Free AAA games every 2 weeks or so and 80$'s worth of hardware.  IMO 360 murders one, ps, and pc......

First off.... crying while writing this? Really?  it is gaming and if you are that involved maybe you need help?


Second; the whole gaming vs home entertainment debate is weak.....  X1 watches TV and games just fine.... it is ALL I need for my entertainment....


Finally.............   wow.....  bye bye....  you need to learn priorities in life which gaming should be a big 0.... especially at age 28

Obviously crying was for emphasis on the fact it was a relationship ending, not reality.

The problem isn't X1 is good at home entertainment.  Its that a the x1 proccesor in my new tv does it better with 4k with no subscription.  Why pay for less?

It really sounds like you're a PC gamer and that's all I can think about when reading your post. Doesn't sound like the Xbox One is for you and there's nothing wrong with that. You can be angry about it or cut your losses and move on and maybe Xbox will have something in the future for you.

OP, you're allowed to not like it, I'm letting you know you'll create some serious butt hurt in this community so you'll need to be thick skinned, one can even read minds apparently. Rather then leave consoles officially, why don't you try owning a couple at the same time? We all knew what we where getting into with the XB1 and PS4, this generation has been a load of fun so far for me. The one thing that surprised me was the Kinect, it was a bit short sighted by MS to assume it was for everyone, ah well, it wasn't enough to turn me off. I think for allot of people the only thing stopping the xb1 from being fun is themselves.

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