A good broadband/PING for gaming?

I thought I'd ask here as I know a few of you know about this.

A friend of mine has just got his broadband set up ( Sky ) and waiting to pick up his Xbox One/Titanfall bundle.

Now when tests his broadband speed ( wired connection ) the speeds seem adequate for what he needs, 17mb down, 3mb up but his PING varies between 55MS and 70MS. I've always understood that the lower the PING the better, I've seen others say for online gaming, ideally it should be lower than 50MS so my question is, could this cause issues going up to 70MS.

He has phoned Sky about this, they say it's fine. The only thing I thought of is where it's a new connection it might take a few days to settle? but as he's buying the Xbox One mainly for Titanfall, wouldn't be good if he ends up not being able to enjoy it.

Many thanks for any replies.


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I'm with Sky mate and my connection is somewhere around 16 down 1 up, the ping varies a lot depending on what server I test to obviously, if I test a local one (Canterbury) I get 24ms if I test London I get about 43ms, somewhere like Germany is about 50ms. This is all on wireless.

My point is with Titanfall for instance I would imagine the servers will be in the UK or Europe at a push so I think he'll be fine. I never really felt like I was at a disadvantage connection wise in the beta well unless you count the connection between my brain and hands lol

It's basically the time taken to send a message to a server and get a response back.  ms = milliseconds.  Ping varies depending on the server you are querying. Having high ping can cause lagg.

70 ms ping is fine.  You won't get any noticeable lagg in most games.  

I'd be hugely disappointed with that ping Lofty. I'm on a 4mb connection and my ping is 15 ms. The lowest possible ping is extremely important.

My ping on Xbox is over a 100 and I don't have any issues. It's usually about 50-60 on PC games though.

This figure is gonig to change throughout the day.

You want to impress people with your Ping speed... go online at 05:00 in the morning and take a screen shot and refuse to ever take one again.

He's got a Broadband connection.

That's all he needs.

It's a myth that you need a business or corporate sized broadband package to enjoy online play.

Like those poor fools spouting off about resolution and frame rate just because you've got "top end stats" doesn't guarantee top end play... especially when some games are designed to throttle people who's connections are a little "too good" in order to balance play.

Thanks for all the replies people, it really is appreciated.

The Xbox One azure data centre for the UK is in Dublin if I remember correctly, so it's worth visiting somewhere like speedtest.net and seeing what the ping is to there.