A gamer is saying bad things about me

I didn't know the exact place to put this in but here goes. There is a gamer that is saying bad things about me to the group of people I like to play with. He is ruining my online friendship with these guys and I would like to know what are the steps I should make to make him stop. I really don't want a bad rep with these players but the guy is talking nonsense about me. What should I do?


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You can file a complaint against the player through the console and then block communications with him.  If these people you're playing with are your friends, they'll listen to your side of the story, and they'll trust your word over malicious gossip.

Indeed.....  No need to be around unwanted players.

Just ignore the idiot and be calm and mature about it. The more he carries on like the raving idiot that he is just makes him look like a fool. If these people are true friends to you they won't listen to the lies and be on your side 100%. If not I suggest finding new friends or associating and playing with current friends that are true friends. Good friends are hard to find and are rare but when you find them they are like brothers and sisters, They are like family. The dont talk behind your back, they support you through the tough times in your life and have you back when you need them.

Some of the people I play with are on his side and I have someone on my friends list who doesn't like the guy either and also I probably have people who are neutral about it.

Honestly...It depends on what he is saying. If he is just going around to your friends and saying you "Suck at such and such game" , not using any offense language or whatever, then there is nothing that can be done on MS's end.


You can report him, and have your friends that have talked to him report him, but unless he is actually breaking the ToS in the process, then i would suggest finding other friends.,

Yes use the report option.  Additionally, if these friends of yours that you have presumably had for a while are being swayed by this new person giving you trouble, then perhaps they aren't worth your friendship anyway.  You perhaps don't need either headache.  

You need to explain to your friends about what this person is doing and if they don't believe you and continue to be on his side I think it's time for some new friends.

Find better friends,

Only 1 person needs to be involved.....   No need to discuss if YOU like someone or not.

@OP.  Your REAL friends know the REAL you.  If these friends buy into the lies then they are no friends of yours.  Sticks and stones.