A few things I might be missing

I have had the console since day 1, so far i enjoy it, but things don't seem to be working right for me, and i am hoping some people here can help out.

So here is my list of things i am a little confused on...if you have the answer please post it.

1. How do i send a voice message? I could on 360, but can not seem to figure it out on the XBOX1.

2. How can I easily join a friends room/party and game by just clicking 1 or 2 buttons?

3. Where can i find the way to make kinnect work with my TV? (i'm waving my hands like a mad person and I can't scroll or move anything on the xbox one guide.

4. TV- is there a way to make it easier to select TV channels? I tell it to watch HBO but i have like 6 of those channels...or i tell it to "watch SYFY" and it tunes to lifetime or something else...

5. Is there any trick to make the XBOX easier to hear me?? I usually have to loudly shout at it a few times to even get it turned on.

Thanks for any tips or tricks!!!


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For the first two issues you have Microsoft will be implementing a patch that will resolve both of those issues. For question number three check out this link support.xbox.com/.../set-up-live-tv. For question number for things should be easier using your voice when you recalibrate your Kinect.  And make sure when you are recalibrating it your TV volume is HIGHER then it normally would it makes a huge difference.