a few questions about xbox one before i buy it

i have some questions for some xbox one owners i would really appreciate it if i got some answers.i do own the xbox360 and i also own the ps4 but i dont like the ps4 anymore its always kicking me out of games for no reason and psn is bad i mean really bad and it just seems like microsoft cares more about there fanbase then sony.im one of xbox360 players that fell for the more powerful console videos all over youtube and im regretting it 

1     do i need the kinect to get the full enjoyment out of the xbox one 

2      what is the preview program and how do i get into it

3      does the xbox get errors while playing games like the ps4 does when it boots you out of the game

4       this is a stupid question but do alot of people play online like is hard to find full matches

5      would you recommended it  

6      another stupid question but is the xbox brand and xboxone safe i mean its not going to turn into another nintendo is it? were they have a new system like every 2 years

i dont care about graphics i just want a system that runs smooth with minimal to none errors 


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1.). Is a hard question to answer.  It is truly an opinion.  For me, I highly recommend Kinect 2.0 with Xbox One.  It can add to your gaming experience. In games such as Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Forza Horizon 2 and Alien Isolation. As well as navigate much faster.  And with the new Windows 10 update, comes Cortana.  

2.). The preview program is and "early access" to test and help did updates of bugs for the mass Xbox community.  It is a fantastic program.  You get in by having a friend who is already in add you.  Which there are plenty in these forums who will invite you if you want in.

3.). I personally have never had any "errors".  I have had games "crash" to the Xbox One home screen.  It is a smooth transition when it does.  I have yet had a game freeze and lock my XB1 up.

4.). Yes a lot of people play online.  It Js easy to find a game.  Even in the less populated games.  It is Xbox Live after all.

5.). I highly recommend Xbox One (with Kinect).  It is a fantastic system.  And always evolving

6.). Nintendo is completely out there.  They are in their own world.  Xbox and Xbox One are completely safe.  Xbox has a fantastic exclusive line up, with fantastic 1st party studios.  You have nothing to worry about.  

1. I have a somewhat mixed answer. Kinect is a godsend for menu navigation under the current UI but the new revision, due to arrive sometime in the fall, may render this benefit moot. If you want to save some money, definitely go for the Kinect-less version.

2. Preview program users get to test future updates to the console before they roll out to the public. To get in, you have to get invited to it. There's a stickied thread on the top of this very forum where you can ask and someone may get to inviting you.

3. I can only speak for myself here, but I think I've gotten a crash to dashboard only once in all my time with the XB1. Mileage may vary by user but you may get additional feedback from other users.

4. Yes. This depends on what game you are playing, of course.

5. Again, only speaking for myself here - since I am unwilling to look the other way, I recommend it. It has enough titles at this point that make it worth picking up.

6. If anything, the 360 will be 10 years old on 2015 and it's still rocking - I'd expect the XB1 to be the same.

I apologize for the grammatical errors, writing on my phone was brutal.  And trying to edit it was hard.

I didn't go into much detail as kanaye regarding #6... But that is a great post and I agree.  Xbox One will be around for a long time.

1 - No, Kinect is dead and MS knows it

2 - No idea, not even sure what this is

3 - Ive had mine for almost a month now and havent had one crash or freeze or error while playing.

4 - I dont play online, so I dont know

5 - Yea, the price is pretty decent, just make sure you get a bundle.

6 - No, its safe, they put a lot of resources and money into this gen so its not going anywhere

7 - ohh there is no 7

thanks for answering my questions and thats all i wanted to know

Xbox one without Kinect is gimped.   I would agree with Nxt and Kanaye for everything else.  

I'm not fussed about Kinect I've never used it whilst gaming , the one thing I would say is you'd be better of buying the 1tb version or an external hard drive as the Xbox will fill up real fast by the time you start installing games!

On another note take a look at EA Access terrific value at £20 for s year :)

I don't own an X1, but can speak in part concerning question 6.

A lot of forum regulars, whom I would contend has a vested interest in everything MS/Xbox, have been suggesting that MS come out with a new console every 5 years. Why they suggested that was due to the X1's inability to perform in certain aspects.

Question 2... A good way to get invited into the preview program eh. Nice touch! ;)

On a more personal note: May I suggest holding off purchasing any current gen console until November. As I feel strongly that another, perhaps even drastic reduction in price, not only for the console, but possibly even games etc is forthcoming.? -

^No you don't so shut up and talk about something you have first hand experience of.   Instead of seizing every opportunity to suggest the One is lacking in some area why don't you actually buy one and then low and behold your opinions might have some basis in fact.  You constant sniping and negativity about a product you don't own does my nut in!!!!!!!!!!

As long as you don't feel like an idiot talking to your xbox, you will probably enjoy Kinect. I on the other hand did feel like an idiot talking to my console lol, I get on just fine with my Kinect turned off.

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