A Dying Light Demo Is Now Available on Xbox One

I really enjoyed this game. I thought it was a lot of fun in single player and co-op.

Definitely worth a download if your interested in games like this.


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Really good game.  Great detail and certainly not "just another Zombie" game.

Not a bad game, but way too many fetch quests,  story isn't particularly engaging in my opinion and the game never makes its mind up if it's serious or not character wise.   But overall it's not a bad game,  I always sleep through the nights though!  :-)

Thanks for the heads up, I'll get that downloaded now. It's one of those games I've wanted but not completely sure about, so playing it will help make my mind up.

Loved Dying Light and I'm looking forward to the new DLC as well.

Not really interested, but I'll definitely try it out since I have a few friends who seem to play it religiously...

Good looking out Lofty, I will check it out.

I definitely agree with Mr Genchy, there is too many fetch quests.

Something about this game though. I did struggle with it in the first few hours but it had me hooked totally after. I'm a big fan of the Dead Island series, most zombie type games but this was one of the better one's in my opinion.

can somebody send me the link