A button not working after plugging into plug and charge, (and more!)

Hi all,

I'm curious to see if this is happened before.

So, my controller was low, and I went to plug it into my charge and play, (the official one,) and something strange began to happen.

The charge light began to alternate between orange and white, and, (I was watching a show on Hulu,) the show started to pause and start rampantly, (basically pressing A over and over again.)   Now, the a button doesn't work at all and I can't select anything UNLESS I unplug the charge and play and replug it back in, (note: the button still doesn't work, but plugging in the controller acts like I'm pushing the a button, (dafuh?))

I don't have a second controller because I'm stuck in a hotel room for the next week.

Has anyone else had this experience and what did they do?

Thanks in advance.


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