82 year old male - Old school gamer

Hi! That caught your attention!! I'm not 82, I'm 21.


My name is Sam and I'm living in England, I work all week in an office and like to relax at the weekends in front of my console + 60" TV.


I recently brought a new Xbox 360 as I had the arcade version before which only had 20 gb hard-drive, pretty poor I know!


I'm pretty much looking for people to play with, get achievements but more importantly have fun. I will list all of the games I play below


- Fifa 14

- Titanfall


- Dead Island

- Marvel ultimate alliance (If you have this game contact me asap!)

- Call of duty - Modern warfare 3 + Black ops

- Diablo 3

- Naruto (All Games)

---------- Indie Games---------

- ApocZ (Love this)

- Laser wars 2


Feel free to add my gamer tag even if your from the other side of the world - HegARTy1992

Thanks and see you soon!!


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You should try posting here as well mate.... forums.xbox.com/.../4504.aspx

Welcome to the xbox community it's a great place to chill an chat about games. The friends forum is a great place to meet like minded gamers an organise great gaming nights.

Use this forum an it's various sections correctly an you'll make a lot if new friends an have some great times. The link Floppy has gave to the UK chatter section is a great place for a bit of banter and general chit chat.

Hey Hearty

Some of us still play games here.

"Diablo III" is one I've got and would be up for.

Recommend you grab "Borderlands 2: Game Of The Year Edition" as it's great value for money.

Wouldn't surprise me if there is some 82 year olds around here...

I'm hoping if I live to 82 ill still be gaming lol.

There's certainly some 2 year olds.

If I make it to 82, I will still be gaming :D So long as that doesn't require acrobatic skills and control pads are still 'a thing' lol.

Good to see ya back Cloud, I hope you'll still be apart of the community.

I don't want to derail the thread, but want to echo Ooh's sentiments; it's good to see you still around Cloud. Sorry to hear about what went down.

To the OP, welcome to the community. There are some great folks round here.

Thanks for the support. That is for everyone. It means a whole lot and I have absolutely no regrets in how much time we spent together and how much time we will still spend together in the future. I plan to stick around and keep bothering you all :P

hegARTy: Your TV is exactly 3x larger then mine. That must be a beast to play games on. Especially things like Diablo 3 (fantastic game). As said above, welcome to the crew :D

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