720P VS 1360X768

   So I have a 22 inch Sony Bravia that I do most of my gaming on.  Sony says its a native 720p display.  I have my 360 hooked up with hdmi .  I was playing around wtth the settings and tired optimal resolution on the 360 and it always goes to 1360x768 (same as my pc hooked to the same tv).  Which is the better option? 


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        I 've tried both settings and noticed how the image was cropped using 720p.  1360x768 seems to show more detailed picture with less rough edges in some games and letters and numbers are sharper and somewhat easier to read but it lacks the color of 720p.

        720p is not as sharp looking as 1360x768 but has more color.  Games look better with 1360x768 and video (such as Zune and Hulu) look better in 720p.  I looked in the manual for my tv and it states that the native resolution is infact 1360x768.  My ps3 automaticly chooses 1080p and grays out 720p when I have Bravia Sync enabled.  Whats funny is my pc looks better with this tv than it did with my Samsung moniter which was full 1080p.  On the other hand my cable box looks awful with this tv no matter if its set to 720p or 1080i so I dont even was it much.  Could be a bad box or signal problem though.

It would depend how good your TV is at scaling the screen.  Some are good and some are not.  The 1360x768 is for PC input, the only way to get that resolution on your 360 is to use a HD VGA cable.  You'd be hard pressed to tell the difference on a well known make such as a Sony though.

If the Xbox 360 detects that the display supports PC resolutions over HDMI and that the display's native resolution matches one of those, it switches to that. An advantage of this is that your display will treat the picture the way it would that from a PC, and show it without cropping. With video resolutions, TVs normally crop 2.5% or more from each edge.

So called 'native 720p' TVs usually have a panel resolution of 1366x768, so they are not literally 720p. Some smaller TVs may use panels designed primarily for PC use, and have different panel resolutions, such as 1440x900. Manufacturers and retailers often label those as 720p to indicate that the resolution is below that which they call Full HD, 1920x1080.

The Xbox 360 does a fairly good job at scaling the picture, since its scaling methods are chosen and tweaked for handling graphics.

I think it's better to use 720p because it's resolution that are most games made for, so every larger resolution will just stretch picture, it wouldn't make it better. Just my thought.

Resolutions have nothing to do with colour output.