720p games upscaled

can someone tell me the best setting for cod ,bf4 and dr3?

they are all upscaled by default but should i be setting the xbox one to 720p 

and letting the tv upscale ? much thanks guys!


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the games are running 720p native but scaled to 1080p in the xbox


the image sent to your tv will be 1080 so just leave that at auto then set your tv image to whatever color/tone/contrast etc that you like best.

The upscaler applies a sharpening filter that negatively impacts the quality of the image. If you want to avoid this, play at 720p and let your TV do the upscaling instead. This has the side-effect of making everything that is normally 1080p less crisp but that may be a trade-off that you will want to accept.

You best leave the xbox on 1080p and let its scaler do the upscalling IMO. Also run the TV calibration tool on the xbox. BF4 on the One looks awesome for me.

Ok thanks guys

Totally agree on using TV calibration tool. Made a big difference for me! I thought forza looked good before doing it but wow it looks great now!!!

I'll try it out as soon as the wee ones go to bed ;-)