7.1 Uncompressed vs. DTS Digital?

 which has the best sound? Also when using 7.1 my reciever changes to LPCM instead of digital is there a big difference?


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LPCM is theoretically better as it's uncompressed or "not compressed again". Your receiver may handle a DTS better than a LPCM one though, so try them both out and choose whichever one suits your ears better.

How about for Blu-Ray that are encoded with DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 or 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit) which PS4 has and sounds amazing but Xbox One is uncompressed which you say is better but then what's the point for EVERY studio encoding their discs with DTS-HD Master Audio, That I am forced to listen to uncompressed and have to adjust my lip sync cause whenever I watch a blu ray or netflix or even watch TV on Xbox One the sound isn't synced. I have to shut off Dolby Digital on my Cable box and just go Stereo like it's the 80's

You are confused. The xb1 does support DTS-HD Master Audio. What happens is that the xb1 is doing the decoding and passes the signal to your receiver as uncompressed LPCM. No difference in sound between LPCM and DTS-HD. It's just a matter of which device is doing the decoding and in this case it's the xb1.

What xb1 can't do yet is pass thru the DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD to your receiver and let the receiver do the decoding. Hopefully MS fixes that soon.

Not confused that I have to adjust my lipsync, EVERYTIME I want to use some sort of media on X1... Sorry there is a HUGE difference in sound. Too the point where again adjustments need to be made on a speaker levels on my receiver, There's always a mmmmmm sound cutting in and out on my Surr. Back speakers, again only when playing Blurays on x1... It's easy to point the finger at my receiver both I also own a PS4 and 3D BluRay player and none of those adjustments have to be made using Netflix or BluRay, the sound is perfect

Not that this relates to the original question of which is better.. but it sounds to me like your receiver doesn't handle LPCM well. Perhaps it's accepting the signal as analog and converting it A>D and then D>A again, causing a delay. There's no reason for LPCM to have processing lag. It could also be that your TV has video lag from MCFI or something and the audio is ahead of the video.. Your best bet would be to wait for the audio codec passthrough and then just set the system up like your other devices are.

Thank you!