60 gig too 250 gig data transfer UK console

Hey can someone tell if me if i actually need to buy a data cable transfer kit to move my DLC rights ands save games and gamertag as i am looking to buy a a used 250 gig hard drive off ebay or amazon and will non microsoft hard drives work as i understand they look the same and perform the same or can the console get banned for using one, i am talking about a non slim model hard drive and i am not getting a whole new xbox just swapping the hard drives for more space..


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I'm pretty you can get banned, but the non-Microsoft hard drives tend to corrupt itself, so you might lose you saves and DLCs.

Also make sure you get the official transfer cable, otherwise it will break it as it will think it's a 16GB USB flash drive, no matter what the actual size is.

I have used the official and non official transfer cables and theres not much difference really. The official one will give you peace of mind though. I would advise getting an official hdd though as the others I believe are not brilliant. Watch out though I bought a 250 gb one off ebay for cheap pnly to find out it doesnt get recognised by my xbox but my pc can pick it up!! I use it now as an extra pc external hdd!!!