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Hey fellow gamers i could do with some help..

My Acoustic Solutions 5.1 surround sound system recently failed. After years of playing games with surround sound only to go back to having sound through the tv speakers realy is like going back in time. Anyway my request is could any of you recomend a cheap and good surround sound system to use with my 360. I dont want to go for headsets as i already have a set of turtle beaches. So any advice or recomendations would be reatly appreciated...Thanxs


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What price range you looking at

Up to £150 will be my budget

I got this Samsung one off Amazon...


Its my 1st surround set up so i cant really compare to others. Ive had it for a year now, still works perfectly & it still sounds bloody awesome. I'd definately recommend it for the sound you get at that price.

That Samsung looks good for the price.

check out richer sounds or ebay for pioneer surond systems as i use a pioneer av multi-channel receiver vsx 818V-s/-k,

it has two optial inputs, componet and hdmi 2 in and one out plus others like camcorder, Ipod,dvd,blueray player and set top box's. I also got a complate set of Onkyo speakers the amp was £70 and the speakers where £130

You might be able to use your Acoustic Solutions speakers but you will have to buy a stand alone subwoofer whith one rca lead to plug into the subwoofer out on the amp or if you have the spare cash get a new set of speakers .

Also have a look on ebay or gumtree.