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I have an pair of Turtle Beach xp400's. Wanting to get 5.1 signal to the base from the xbox one. I know a patch is coming for the optical out. But I found an hdmi splitter that can split the audio from the hdmi signal and out out it through optical. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00ECTHIKK I am getting an error saying that the 5.1 output through hdmi is not supported by my receiver when I use the splitter and it defaults back to stereo sound. Basically my two questions are, 1) is this possible somehow and 2) is it even worth it sound wise considering the xp400's apply simulated surround sound to the stereo sound anyway. How big of a difference is noticeable with these kinds of headphones with a stereo source and a 5.1 source? Thanks

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Not going to work. The Xbox One currently has zero support for Dolby Digital 5.1/7.1. It only supports Stereo, Uncompressed 5.1/7.1 (which isn't Dolby Digital), and DTS Digital Surround over HDMI. Your headset doesn't accept DTS and optical cannot support uncompressed 5.1/7.1 (not enough bandwidth).

It's best to wait for Dolby Digital support to be added. It's coming.

Okay awesome thanks for the quick reply and info. I just thought the splitter could "get around" it but I did not realize the difference in 5.1 types. Good to know.  

Thanks again