5.1 sounds WITH sound on TV

Hey guys/girls, 

For some time now I have this little issue with my setup at home. My Xbox 360 is connected to my HD tv with a HDMI cable. There is also a SPDIF cable going to my receiver for surround sound.  

The one main thing that is bothering me is that I have to mute the sound of my TV every time I boot up the 360 because it keeps giving me sound through both the tv and surround set.  Is there any way to switch off the sounds that goes through the HDMI cable so this issue can be resolved?

I don't want to have the audio signal going through the  HDMI cable since it decreases the sound AND video quality pretty badly on my Xbox console. To clear this up a little : the sounds keeps having issues with sending the right signal to the receiver, it keeps switching between 2.0 and 5.1 at random moments as if the Xbox doesnt know what signal it should use.  Also the video looks shaded as if it is missing glossy effects in some games I play.  At first I thought this was a bad HDMI cable but I tried a couple of different cables, including the official MS cable and it is all the same.

I would like to get your advice on this issue :)


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There really shouldn't be any PQ/AQ issues caused by running video & sound through HDMI. That's HDMI's job. It sounds like your PQ problem is a either a setting in the 360's menu or poor picture calibration on your display. The issue of the sound randomly switching from 2 channel to 5.1 channel modes may have to do with your having the 360 connected to the TV via HDMI. I'm guessing you have the 360 set for 5.1 channel operation since you're running an optical cable to your receiver? Since HDMI is a two-way connection, the 360 may be detecting the TV as a 2-channel device, causing confusion with your manually input 5.1 selection. I may be way off base though, as I've never run into this issue (and never had to diagnose it). The best way you could run your setup would be the way I'm running mine... 360 HDMI to receiver, then receiver HDMI to display. If your display has an audio output, you could try running everything via HDMI to the display (which you are doing anyway), then running the audio from the TV to the receiver. My Bravia has an optical output, but I prefer running HDMI to the receiver first as it's simpler connections & operation.

If your are running the HDMI to the receiver and then to your TV I would guess it's the receiver fault. If it's running HDMI to your TV then using its optical or coaxial SPDIF out then I say it's the TVs fault. Either way it should work and not switch between stereo and surround. The dashboard and often the main menu in a game will just use the left and right channels and then switch to using all channels when the game is running.


I know if you have both the optical out running to surround the HDMI will still carry a stereo signal along with it which is why you need to mute your TV. I haven't tried it, but possibly disabling display discovery on the 360 might keep it from even trying to send the audio signal. Normally the EDID reports if a display has speakers and the 360 will switch to HDMI+A. Haven't checked so might be an option to just select HDMI without disabling the display discovery.