5.1 audio HDMI not avilable on Xbox one? Are you serious?

What the heck are they thinking not supporting 5.1 audio on the HDMI input? If you think I'm going to go back to the 90's and listen to my TV in plain stereo just to watch TV on my Xbox one MS must be crazy. I was really looking forward to consolidating everything to one input but gees this is a horrible over site. If your going to have HDMI in and encourage TV viewing through that you have to pass the Video AND audio un touched. Why am I going to lose 5.1 audio for this feature?

This must be fixed and fixed ASAP.


The Xbox One console does not support digital surround sound input over HDMI. If your cable or satellite box is sending audio data through your Xbox One over HDMI, only stereo sound will be received. For surround sound, you’ll need to consider an alternative configuration.


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Just for clarification this is for the HDMI IN feature of the Xbox one, your cable box transmits a 5.1 audio signal through HDMI you plug the HDMI cable into the Xbox one and the audio the Xbox one sends out is stereo instead of 5.1.

This is such a no brainer how can MS think this was acceptable or a good idea? This better not be a hardware limitation cause it is pretty much a deal breaker for me. The Xbox one should pass on video and audio in the exact format that it accepts from the HDMI input. Otherwise it is pointless to even have it their.

Why does stupid crap like this always happen at the last minute?


It's probably because they want to mix in console sounds on top of the received signal, and decoding AC-3/E-AC-3 and handling metadata in the case of re-encoding would be too complex for them to deal with in addition to requiring additional license fees to be paid Dolby.

I'm not the least bit surprised, actually. I'm even curious as to whether the picture will be unaffected - the Xbox One has to either genlock its whole graphics subsystem onto the incoming signal in order to overlay graphics, or buffer the input and skip or dupe frames in some fashion as needed. It's not the best idea to begin with.

From the Kotaku review:

The units we've been testing mess with the audio that comes from the cable box, and are currently only able to output surround sound if you dig into the menus and tick off a "Surround Sound (BETA)" option. Otherwise, it downmixes your cable's 5.1 surround to stereo. My boss Stephen Totilo likes to watch pro wrestling, and when he does, he likes to watch it in surround sound. (The better to hear the taunts and the body-slams, I guess.) But if he runs his cable box through his Xbox One, the audio comes through in mere stereo. Microsoft assures us that a non-beta option for surround audio throughput is coming, but it won't be there at launch.

I hope it doesn't take too long...

Does this really affect the HDMI In Sound only? I will have surround on my Astro A40? Im a little angry because of that article...

But wait it gets better, the day before launch and they drop this tiny detail


Apparently we can't get Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 through optic either:-( so you can't get surround sound from your Xbox one unless your reciver has HDMI in:'(

@Vivid. Did you not read where you can turn it on through the settings? I'm sure it affects the optical out as well.

When watching TV, go to the settings using the menu button and then select "Troubleshooting". In that area there is an option to select 5.1 (Beta) and that will restore 5.1 to TV.