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We are a new clan for mature guys and girls (30+) who play FPS games like BFBC2, MW2 and Black Ops. Members can be in their twenties if they have a mature attitude. We will welcome casual gamers and those who want to play more competitively. A clan where ideas can be exchanged and friendships formed. We have a good base of PS3 and XBOX players and want to build a subdivision for Ladies ~ UK, Euro, Canada and US players ~ EU Domination team ready for challenging other clans! see 'Who are we and COC for more detail' ~ 4GC - for Good Company!

See http://4gclan.forumotion.co.uk/ for more details


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I'm only 21, but very mature. any chance?

I've been a member for only a couple of weeks and I have to say the people there are friendly and welcoming.  Like many I guess I spent most of my time with 1 or 2 friends or just playing alone on multiplayer but now playing as part of a team has brought a new lease of life to BLOPS and I'm back to really enjoying it again.

The UK XBOX side is only just growing so now is a great time to join and give ideas/input to help direct the clan and really become a part of it.  

Im up for it can you add me

If you are interested go to the clan's webpage and read our COC to make sure our clan is the right one for you.  We would love to have you join us, so check it out and register on our webpage.

Zombie Blackout- if you have a mature attitiude there is no issue in joining the clan. As well go to the website and check out the COC and register. See you both soon :-)

Thursday is out UK clan combat training night so anybody that wants to get a feel for who we are and fancy a game get signed up then get in a game

Hi can i join i am 37 and love all call of duty's and all halo game's. :)

Absolutely, would love to have you. Please visit our website and sign up, look at our Code of Conduct. PM me through the website if you have any questions

hoping for a good turnout again this evening from 9pm on BLOPS for anybody interested in joining.  Make sure you sign up to the website then come and join in a game

Still looking for recruits


i would play tonight but im out tonight but i shall be on tomorrow if you fancy some CTF or anything like that.

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