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I have a question. My son and I each have our own xboxs, both at the same residence. We share the same internet/wifi. We also each have out own live accounts so we can play games together. One game we like playing is gears of war 2, horde. However, we have friends coming over and we want to play all 4 of us at the same time. They don't have their own live accounts. I was reading about system link but I don't understand how to set it up or what I'll need. Is it possible to do 2 player split screen on each xbox and use system link so we can all play horde together? Thank you

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yes it is possible to do a system link off wireless internet

just go in and start a system link party then at that point have the other xbox search for one and join you.

Thanks for the quick response :)

My sons xbox is my old one, maybe 4 years old or so so it doesn't have wireless capabilities. I have it connected to our internet router via an Ethernet cable. Mine is wireless though.

So how would I do it then? Turn my system on. Go into the game. Go to multiplayer?

If you type " system link " in the search bar on the top of this forum page you will get a link to detailed directions.Looks like you'll need to purchase a wireless adapter for your sons console however.You can probably get one for less than 20 bucks at a used game store like Hastings or Gamestop.

In Gears of War 2 there should be an option to "sign in guest" for player 2 to have a non-XBL user join in with you as "Rhorr(1)" on the same console, then you two both connect to Live doing the same thing, 2 on each console.  I had some friends who used to do this on Gears 2, we would have 2 people at a friends house and 1 at mine for horde mode.  It has been a while so I do not remember exactly where it is but if you look around on the menu or when the controller is plugged in it may either be an option on the menu screen when making a party or an option for "Guest: XBox Live" when trying to sign in.

Ok thank you. I'll try those ideas.

I know that you can use one Ethernet cable to connect two Xbox's directly which is considered Wired Connection System Link, and you can have 2-4 consoles connect through WiFi directly to each other which is considered Wireless Connection System Link, but there is an option to connect multiple Xbox's together through a router or hub for System Link play.  Is it confirmed that all units have to be connected with Ethernet for that?  Surely if they're connecting through the router/hub, it shouldn't matter if they're connected to it via WiFi or physical cable?