3rd-party Xbox 360 controller similar to PlayStation Dualshock?

Hey guys!

I'm not very experienced with Xbox. Aside from PC gaming, I've mostly been a PlayStation gamer (I own a PS2, PS3, and Vita. Not getting a PS4 until it has enough games I want). Obviously, because of this, I've become very accustomed to the Dualshock controller.

I'll admit the Xbox 360 gamepad is far more comfortable to hold, but what I've always preferred about the Dualshock was the symmetrical analog-stick placement, along with the great D-Pad. I'm not saying it's better or that the 360's layout is worse. I'm just saying that's what I've gotten used to and prefer.

I've seen a ton of 3rd-party PS3 controllers that are laid out like the Xbox 360, but I haven't found any Xbox 360 controllers with analog sticks like the PS3's.

Are there any Dualshock-style Xbox 360 gamepads, or will I just have to suck it up and get used to the asymmetrical sticks of the standard Xbox 360 pad?


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You can buy an adapter so that you can use PS controllers on the 360

example below;