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Anyone with a passive 3D tv please can you tell me whether its worth a bit of extra money, I will play games on it and watch films, probably won't watch tv on it, so is it worth extra money for a 3D tv? Also it says it has dual play on it, anyone who uses dual play can you tell me whether its any good and is it handy or is it just rubbish?

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I don't have a 3D TV, but if you have the extra money to throw in for one, i would do it for future proofing. Right now, 3D is VERY new of course and the only way to get remotely close to 3D content is Blu-rays and certain video games which is what you said you would be using it for anyways. So i'd recommend it if its not too much for your budget.

Thanks for the tip, I'm not getting one yet so I'll have time to think about it thanks

I'm not a fan of passive 3D tvs. The quality of the 3D is just not the same as an active shutter display IMO. As far as Dual play goes I'm pretty sure it need active shutter, since each pair of glasses has to link to the display so they know which field to display. It's also up to the game developer to add the dual play function. So in other word I would hold off and buy a better quality display, though it's getting hard to find good displays that don't have 3D anyway.