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Can anybody help with the 3d gaming. I have a Mitsubishi DLP 3d ready tv with all the required emitter and adapter. How do i set up the xbox to play in 3d. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is the game i have been playing.


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Did you put the glasses on?

To play Black Ops 2 in 3D, you have to go to the options menu, then graphics settings, and turn Anaglyph 3D on.  Then put the glasses on.

Black Ops 2 has true 3D support. It has to be manually enabled. Once enabled the TV can be set to a 3D mode to match.

I have tried 3D gaming but I am not a huge fan of it.  Was fun the first few times but then it got old.  Then again I am not a huge fan of 3D movies either.  Sometimes the 3D affects make things look too fake.  All personal preference I guess.  If you have the option to try 3D gaming though I would.  Definitely fun to try at least once.