'New' Xbox Media Remote Control led lights?

Is the 'new' Xbox 360media remote supposed to light up like the old model?

I have just purchased one, and the only time I have seen it light up is when I programmed it for my Tv and the centre circle turned green.

I have not seen any other part of the remote light up when I switch on my Xbox 360s or press any of the buttons.

Can anyone confirm this please?



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I was wondering the same tbh!

In the pics for it, it looks like it is lit up green in the middle but it only did that for programming it. hmm

Except for a single light around the "OK" button in the center, no, it does NOT light-up!  And that's why, even though I wanted a black remote ever since buying an Xbox 360 Elite 4 years ago, I refuse to buy the new remote.  They should have just reissued the original Xbox 360 Media Remote with a black shell on it.  And they should have done it 4 years ago, when the Elites came out! :-P

Instead, I used eBay to track down a Snakebyte Xbox 360 Media Remote Elite Edition from the UK!  Unlike most 3rd party, unlicensed remotes, it works every bit as well as the official one from Microsoft, and it has a BLACK shell and keys that are backlit like the keys on the original Microsoft Media Remote!  They're ridiculously hard to find, as few dealers sell them, but if you can get your hands on one, it's the black remote that Microsoft's SHOULD have been! ^_^

The other option is to order a skin for the original Media Remote, but I couldn't find any plain black ones, and the ones I found that were mostly black, I just plain didn't like. >_<

Still, that last option is cheaper than the option I chose, due to the cost of Air Mail shipping from the UK to the US.  And as with many other such things, Your Mileage May Vary, so it's entirely possible one of the available options for a (mostly) black Media Remote Skin WOULD be to your liking.