360 Wirelss Adapter - Thoughts, experiences, opinions....

Hi All,

Wondered what people's thoughts and experiences were on the 360 wireless adapter. Is it reliable? Good range? Problems?

I currently have a huge Ethernet cable running from my xbox to my router but I want to get rid of this.

Does anyone use HomePlugs either? This could be a better (more expensive) solution.




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Before getting my 360 Slim a year ago, I used both the white (G) and black (N) adapter on my Xbox Elite.   Both worked well.  I had to replace the G adapter with the newer black N unit due to a short in the USB pigtail cable, but otherwise they were both reliable for me in terms of signal stability.  I do use the Xbox to stream movies as well as game online.  My Xbox sits about 25 feet from the router with one wall for the signal to pass through. 


I will say that with the black N adapter, the only way I could get the Xbox to use the 802.11n protocol was to use WPA2 encryption, which wasn't a problem.  Otherwise, with any other encryption mode, it would just connect on 802.11g.  Just a quirk, I suppose.   In any event, the WPA2 is actually a good thing.  :)


Can't provide any input on the HomePlugs.

Just get a cheap wireless router that can be used as wireless bridge or can use an open source firmware that can allow it to be used as one. You can find a decent one for under $30 and stick that near your 360. Then just run a short Ethernet cable from the router to the 360. You would now have a powered bridge with decent sized antennas. Also you would have the other three free ports to connect other devices to your wireless network.

Thanks both! Some good feedback.

Think I might try the wireless bridge idea.  Would definitely come in hand having a few extra Ethernet ports near to my Xbox.

The wireless adapters are good for the price :), I bought an unoffical one for cheaper than the "xbox" branded name ones, Works just aswell :)