360 titles as a digital purchase on Xbox One

Regarding backwards compatibility, as the disc is purely being used to check the license and the game itself will be downloaded, will we be able to purchase digital copies of 360 games we do not already own? e.g. I don't own a physical copy of Halo Reach but would like to play it on my X1, could I buy it on the live store as a digital copy?


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From what I can understand, you're asking whether you can buy a game digitally from the Xbox Store? The answer is yes, if the said game is available for backward compatibility, then you will be able to purchase that game digitally from Xbox.com, after doing so, it should appear on your Xbox One as 'Ready to Install'. Once you finish downloading, you should then be able to play that game without a disc, as you've bought it digitally from the Xbox Store.

Please note that the game you mentioned (Halo Reach) is not currently available for backward compatibility. The feature itself is not released to all Xbox One users either, it is set to be releasing later this year, and as of the moment, it is only available for those who are partaking in the Preview Program.

Many thanks. Halo Reach was just an example, I hadn't looked at the list!