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With my 360 slim, it shows the xbox 360 logo when you first turn it on then i get the red ring of death, anything i can do? it doesn't flash its just a solid ring? help please?


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Sorry EvilEldridge9, you're confused. There is no Ring of Light Error or "red ring" on a Slim.

um.... I can personally attest the the slim CAN show the red ring

The slim shows a red dot not a red ring.

you apparently did not have any problems with the ms issued update on may 21st two years ago. this was the one that updated all the dvd drives in the Xboxes...slims as well as all the other ones. it bricked my slim and had a red ring show up on it. so yes it can show a red ring... at least it did two years ago. not sure what design function they built into the ring display now...