360 owners getting 12 days of christmas deals.

Unfortunately I bought an Xbox One.....and there are hardly any games on the marketplace currently.   I find it strange that there is no "marketplace emulator".  I know emulating entire xbox 360 games would not work so well on the newer consoles, but emulating xbox marketplace games seems like it shouldn't be a huge challenge?

Maybe I'm wrong :\


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Yeah it is kinda crappy that X1 adopters aren't getting squat.  Heck you can't even get a trial of Peggle, not that I honestly care because that game is just a glorified smartphone app imo but still.

Xbox 360's PowerPC core and Xbox One's x86-64 AMD Processor speak totally separate languages.  They'd have to redesign each of those 360 games to work on an Xbox One.  And I'm sure that will happen with some of the games whose developers are still active, as long as they're not busy with other projects.  But Xbox One will be flooded with new arcade and indie titles eventually.  Early adopters of anything must prepare themselves for the slow trickle of options.