360 live out. cant sign

12 hrs and waiting?  Its been 12 hrs since I have been online with my 360?   I am concerned about how long this is going to be the issue.  I have clan wars and meetings to hold with my squad.   XGC needs me and the squad.  Would be nice to something?


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Yeah, was down for me too. Umpteenth time in the last two months or so, and I'm really tired of the whole affair. So tired in fact that I decided not to renew my Gold subscription, and am seriously thinking of telling Microsoft to shove there xbox right up there sorry a**!!! I've never seen such raging, blatant incompetence as I have seen with this xbox live BS. I tried getting help from three different people a little over a month ago when xbox had one of their "can't sign in, can't download purchased items" issues. Something went totally wonky with my save files on my system at the exact same time that the problem at xbox started, and all that the morons at xbox support could tell me when asked what I might do to fix said problem could say was, "I don't know"!:/ WTF?!

I'd love to have a job where I could make the kind of money that Microssoft/xbox rakes in, be a total dip-s**t, and still have said job the next day!! Life would be good. Just saying:)

I have had little to no issues.  Even during service alerts.  I am not sure what you are talking about above poster^?  But it sounds a little funky