360 games on the xbox one

just want to post that im a member on the xbox support  and i just want to play some 360 games like halo 3 odst the second disk to play the multiplayer 

and skyrim and other good games on the xbox 360 please when are they coming out the update thanks for your time  


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Vaynel, there was a recent picture of the games lineup for backwards compatibility. Halo 3: ODST is on the list.


It's a couple of rows behind Reach in the image. Plus, the original 360 version of ODST has Firefight, whereas the version included in The Master Chief Collection does not.

@RockinHeads here is asking a good question. I'd like to know if the Halo 3 multiplayer disc included with ODST will also be backwards compatible.

Thread topic aside, can anyone confirm that Rochinheads actually is a member of the support team? I ask because there appears to be no indication of what he/she said is true and pretending to be an employee of MS when you're not is a very serious offense that could result in being banned. Besides, even if it is true, there really is no reason to mention it, hence why I'm skeptical to believe him/her in the 1st place (no offense, Rockinheads).

As I understand it the Gears of War titles are coming to Xbox One too.  Just because a game has an Xbox One version, does not mean it will not be BC.  The first Gears appears in the picture of the games line-up as does Halo.

If 'Rochinheads' was a member of the support team, their forum Level would be 'X' and they would have Xbox Support in forum badge.  They don't, so they aren't.

I'm with GG on this...... is this person legit with support?  If so then no wonder people get so frustrated with the support team.

ODST is part of the Master Chief Collection and so is unlikely to make the backward compatibility list. After all why would you buy the Collection on the One if you could play your existing game. I would say Reach is the only 360 Halo game that is likely to end up backward compatible.

If you want to see games make the list then it would be a good idea to vote for them here xbox.uservoice.com/.../298503-backwards-compatibility. Even that is no sure thing as the publisher or rights holder to the game has to allow it.

Halo Wars is on the list, and as I said, ODST lacks features in The Master Chief Collection that the original version has.

Just because a game is in that picture doesn't mean it is coming to the backward compatibility list.

Again listen to the video. The Bill Stillwell clearly says that they are going to bring the entire first party catalogue...those they are able to, to the backward compatibility list. Perhaps I am reading more than there is into that statement but to me it means that if there is a One version of the game then you won't be playing the 360 version of it on your Xbox One.

Why would you pay for the remastered version of Gears of War 1 if you could just use the copy (disc or digital) that you already own. Why would you buy Halo games again if you could play those copies already in your possession on the new console.

I hope I am wrong. I genuinely do. However I just don't believe that if there is a One version of a game, or a planned release, of a existing 360 title that we'll see that added to backward compatibility.