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Can anyone tell me if a wired Xbox 360 game controller will work as a game controller in conjunction with a laptop? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Wired controllers can be used on the PC.

The best controllers are from Xbox (Original).

But for pc its maybe easy with cable.

Good luck.


This item is, of course, useful if you want to play with an Xbox 360 console. However, I use it to play games on my PC. It's compatible with most games and worked instantly with Windows 7 as soon as i connected it. Only thing is that you will need an adaptor if you want to connect it to the PC. If you buy this control with the intention of using it on a PC, you need to buy that adaptor. As for the "no off button" issue, it is not a huge deal. although slightly inconvenient, all you have to do is press the release button for the battery, slightly pull it out, and then push it back in. An off button would be nice, but doing that is nothing major. It is a great product. I am not exaggerating in the stats I entered. Great price, design is great if you are used to the xbox button layout, it feels strong and durable (microsoft used good materials to make these, you can feel it), and it fits my hand comfortably. Buy it! It's worth it.

What's great about it: Works flawlessly

What's not so great: needs adaptor

I would recommend this to a friend!

xbox 360 strandard black controller