360 Destroyed my Thumb Drive, Now without ANY saves?

So I have been using my old 20Gb for quite awhile now, and had been wanting to upgrade to a Kinect ready model, and wanted some more storage space to boot. Well, I found the new 320Gb Star Wars Edition bundle for a dang nice price here on base at the BX (USAF). So I stick my 8Gb thumb drive in my old console, format it, and have it transfer as much of my stuff over as it can, which ends up being literally everything but my Forza 3 data (~3.7Gb). Shut it down, pull the flash drive out, put it in the new one, power it up, and all my thumb drive does is flash...Memory menu shows nothing, as if it wasn't even there. So i try to revive my data into my old one, and plan on getting the HDD transfer cable. well, my old one doesn't like the thumb drive anymore either, does the exact same thing, light on my drive flashes, XBox pretends it's not even there. Long story short, not a single computer in my house can even get the thing to initialize or talk. It will pop up for about 1/2 second under my computer, then disappear again. Between my Forza 2 and 4 data alone, I have easily 4-500 hours of gameplay...needless to say I'm rather perturbed right now. Any ideas??


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What brand of USB Flash drive are you using & does it meet the performance standards of the console..?? Also, was it flashing, when you pulled it out..??

You should never go to System, Storage, Press Y, then click "Remove Xbox 360 Storage".. As it will delete any data on your USB Flash Drive.. 

You have to be careful, as it is just above, "Clear System Cache" etc..

See, the issue is my computer can't even access the USB drive. It will pop up for a split second, and disappears. Not a single device in my home can access the drive, it's nothing more than a crypt for my data and a fancy flashing red LED now.

What colour was the LED before, was it blue..?? Because some USB Flash Drives with LEDs, change colour when the drive is damaged or inaccessible...

The USB drive is a Centon DataStick Sport 8Gb. This drive has served me well for a year or so now, pushing videos back and forth to my PS3 and such. It was not flashing when I removed it from the XBox. I powered down the console, let it completely wind down, and ALL lights were off. All I did was went in to Storage, and did the Data Transfer utility (from what I gather, the same utility used when transferring via the HDD transfer cable), which I now know will delete data from the HDD once it successfully places it to your selected target storage. When I finished, i exited out of the menus back to the dashboard, and shut down the console.

LED has always been red. Since I bought it, the LEDs operation has been steady when idle, flashes when reading/writing, off when the drive has no power (which is only when it's not plugged in).

Just checking, because both my 8GB & 16GB USB Drives flash Blue when operational...

Seeing how you used it for your PS3 though, you should really of formatted it on your computer first & then configure it as an Xbox 360 Device..

If the drive is inaccessable to any device, I would say that you have lost your data.. But, you could try & look at the pins & see if the contacts are dirty & clean them with contact cleaner etc.. You might be able to get it to work again..

The only other option you could do.. Would be to have the console on & log out of your profile, then download your online profile again from the guide menu..

I'm sorry you've had problems with your Flash drive, unfortunately if it is no longer being recognised by your computer's, I'm afraid it is now a dead drive and the data that was contained within it is now also, unfortunately, unrecoverable.  Sorry. 

There is no way of knowing if your console was the cause of the flash drive failure, its likely a mere coincidence.  Not all Flash drives are created equal.


Thanks for the replies. I was afraid this would be the case. In my search for answers I have found countless cases of things like this happening. I really doubt it is a coincidence my drive suddenly failed when I tried using it with my 360, given that it has provided me with flawless service since purchase, I was even transferring stuff with it earlier today, at higher speeds than any other flash drive I have owned. You would figure the hands down leader in home computers could make a device with higher reliability than the 360 has shown over its life, between RROD, and data transferring...I am by no means a Sony fanboy, but my original backwards compatible 60Gb PS3 hasnt given me a single issue. I think I know my first purchase in the next generation.

Depending on where you live take it to a computer shop they may be able to recover data. I dont know if this is possible tho seing as it was data from a 360 and not a computer. But its worth a try

I've seen these issues with various models of flash drives on the Xbox 360. One of them that springs to my mind is PNY, they have had a tendency to become unreadable after a certain amount of time on the console.  They don't generally die completely though.  This is the first forum post of seen where a drive no longer works in a PC after being used in an Xbox. 

I'm pretty sure problems with flash media and the Xbox is down to the drive itself, its capabilities and the quality of it's storage, not the console hardware.  It maybe that some drives simply don't like the Xbox formatting system.  This could be a reason for failure.  This issue doesn't effect the PlayStation 3, because that system doesn't require flash media or external hard drives to be configured before they can be used to save game data.

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