320gb hard drive wont save

I just bought a new hard drive for my xbox 360 slim, because the old one suddenly died. I go home, inserting the harddrive, and starts playing skyrim (new game ofc). I played for a couple of houres, saved the game, and turned of my consoll. The next day, i turned on my consoll and there is no game saved. It says i have to formate the harddrive. Kind of enoyed, I do that, and starts playing the game again. Going through the same quest as the day before. when its time to go to bed, i save and turn of the consoll. And today, I woke up happy and was ready for another epic adventure in the land of Skyrim, only to find "no saved items". fuuuuu. I cant find anything on google that might tell me what the problem is and how to solve it. 

Do any of you have the similar problem? Please help, Im kind of desperate. 


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Hi Trowg, is that hard drive an original Microsoft hard drive? Ones that are not may cause that issue. Amazon sellers sell the off the wall models and are not real MS issued HDD's. If it is a true MS HDD, try to remove it and re-insert if fully until it "clicks" into place.