32 inch LCD for gaming and reg tv watching.

Looking for 32 LCDor LED  tv , have heard samsung and sony are best. Also about 60hz vs 120hz have read pros an cons still not sure which is better.And input lag smaller the MS the better. Have been using a 20 inch sharp but getting a little long in the tooth. Confused with all the info out their. The xbox 360 S puts out at 60Hz as far as i know so why would 120Hz be better or worse?.



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I would recommend a Sony LED. LED is thinner and lighter more energy efficient and produces a better picture than LCD. I was considering Samsung but after doing research (wikipedia, youtube, google, yahoo, and samsung/sony website), Sony would be the best.

Why Sony? Samsung has lagging issues. Also some firmware which Samsung makes doesn't always fix a problem. Samsung doesn't explain what picture signals it can process, nor does it go into real in depth detail about it's HyperReal engine. Where as on Sony's website, it lists all the signals which the Bravia 3 and X-Reality Sony picture processors accepts. It even assures it can process all low, standard, and high definition progressive and interlaced images. Sony is also located more in NZ and Australia than Samsung.

Am looking at upgrading my Philips 29' to the Sony KDL40EX720 or Sony KDL40EX520.

Buying a good HDTV saves you from straining your eyes trying to make out the hard to read writing while using your Xbox 360 console especially in games. FACT: that contributes to astigmatism. But Samsung and Sony ARE the best TV brands.  

Samsung, Sharp, and Sony are all brands to consider when looking at LCDs. LED backlit LCDs are thinner but the difference between power consumption of LED backlit and CCFL backlit is so nominal and people love to blow the power consumption way out of proportion.

What you want to look for in a TV is panel uniformity and input lag. Many manufactures will list response times but that is not the same as input lag. You typically have to dig around on sites and read reviews to find that rating.

Response time means how long it takes a pixel on the screen to go from gray to gray, that can affect how much ghosting the LCD exhibits but it does not take into consideration the video processing driving the panel which induces input lag, which is what you want to avoid for gaming.

60hz vs 120hz: The Xbox and virtually every other source will output at 60hz. In fact, most LCDs that are 120hz do not even accept 120hz signals from a computer. The reason behind the higher refresh rate is pulldown when watching a BD at 24p, all frames divide evenly so a single frame is held for 5 refreshes.

Also, LCDs that are 120hz or higher utilize MCFI (Motion compensated frame interpolation). What this does is there is an onboard video processor that actually generates frames where there are none, this is what you would see when you see an LCD making a movie look like a soap opera or a behind the scenes video. The reason for this tech is because LCDs naturally lose motion resolution, it is an inherant flaw of the tech. By generating these extra frames, motion resolution is retained but you sacrifice the film cadence and you also introduce extra input lag due to video processing.

When you game, you *always* want it disabled. Sony calles it Motion Flow, and Samsung calls it Auto Motion Plus.

[quote user="smileskybird"] FACT: that contributes to astigmatism. But Samsung and Sony ARE the best TV brands.[/quote]Holy fabricated information, batman. I would *love* to see where you "discovered" that gem.

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm looking for a 32" inch for use with my Xbox (Gaming and Movie watching) and for TV. LED's seem to be a step ahead of LCD's but LCD's are cheaper. If you choose an LCD then you've got to choose between 720p and 1080p. I've been told that 720p and 1080p look identical on a 32" TV if your sitting atleast 6 feet away. 720p sets are also cheaper. If you want a TV which will last you years then IMO, go for a LED or a Plasma, because who knows the next gen consoles might do 100hz +. I'll probably settle with a 32" 720p LCD. Also if your on a budget stay away from Sony because they are overpriced. Look at some of the LG, Samsung and Toshiba TV's.