32 inch for gaming

So far been playing on a 23" monitor. Time to upgrade to 32" TV. (I prefer 32" easy to keep in trunk when I change places every 6months or so)

Anyway I went to bestbuy and found some deals, but was not sure what to pickup. Everything looks good in store, but I doubt they feel same at home. After doing some reading I am thinking LED tv's are way to go and I am leaning towards 1080p. But many posts I came across mentions it being not much different than 720p.

Any recommendations? Prefer bestbuy /walmart shopping.(so I can go check instore)


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At a 32" size, you're looking at an LCD of some sort, either CCFL or LED. I prefer 1080p as that makes the TV more useful with other things (PCs, next gen consoles that should support 1080p natively).


For gaming, I wouldn't be concered with the 120hz or 240hz marketing specs. You'll have to turn all of that off anyway. The TVs don't accept 120hz or 240hz input signals. The extra refresh rate is only useful for image processing the TV performs. That adds latency and makes for all sorts of odd juddering when gaming.


I picked up a JVC 37" LCD last year. JVC makes a good basic TV with no SmartTV features. What it did have is good speakers. It doesn't sound hollow or tinny. An LCD is a bit thicker than an LED LCD, but they're advertising the same sound benefits on this year's 32". It also supports 1080p over VGA and Component, something that not all TVs support.

i got a 32 in vizio at walmart cheap and a great tv. also get a tv that has the speakers in the front of the tv not the rear, i was gonna get a 37 in vizio but the speakers on the 37 in were in the rear. have the store put the sound on a rear speaker tv & front speaker tv  and you'll hear the difference.

Actually, I work in retail for a major company in the electronics section, mainly tv's. As far as gaming goes, plasmas are actually really good, granted you don't have a lot of light in the room. the refresh rates do matter, more so than the resolution. a plasma typically runs at 600 hz which means that you are not going to get a lot of motion blur, downside though, is that plsamas are not common in the 32 inch size, usually moreso 46 in and up, plus side is that they run really cheap, this is because the use a lot of electricity and run warm and you run the risk of screen burn. as far as lcd or led goes, for an lcd i would go with either a panasonic or lg, for an led go for a samsung or sony. with led.... samsung and sony don't fade when at an angle to the tv. when it come to 1080p and the like, al that is going to affect is pixilation. This is my opinion at least, I would rather play a game like cod where when i turn the screen isn't trying to catch up to a picture with less pixels per square inch. As far as displays go in a retail environment, they fine tune the video settings to the best, but it still give you a basic idea of the picture quality. but its also a basis of preference, like some people prefer ford over chevy..... what is important is ask the associate as much as you can, in truth..most of us t.v. retail people, we are gamer ourselves. ask what they play on and why.... hope this helps.

Here are two 32" HDTV models that I would recommend.

Great Picture: Samsung 32" LED 720p 60Hz UN32EH4000 $330 - $380

Great Value: Toshiba 32" LCD 720p 60Hz 32C120U $230 - $260