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I am new to this world ... so PLEASE if these are stupid questions give an Old guy a break :)

I have just purchased an Xbox one primarily for the entertainment features and I have setup the XboxOne but I have two questions that I hope I can get some guidance. 

  1. When I set the Xbox up to use a separate HDMI port on the Yamaha receiver all works great.  If I set up my XBOX as pass though device like the instructions advise the sound from the TV works and I can see the TV, but the picture on the TV displays with a green cast.  I have checked all cables  and replaced the cable that goes between the Xbox and the TV but nothing changes.  If move the cable the goes in to the Xbox back to the TV the green cast goes away.  - Any suggestions??

  2. If I can fix the Green cast and decide to configure the Xbox as a pass though device, do I need to turn the Xbox on to watch TV??  I am asking because My wife may will not want to bother with the Xbox when I am not home and I would love to have the TV work without the Xbox on

  3. I have DirecTv and I was curious how their box is controlled with the Xbox?   I am asking because my  Xbox needs be in a different room that the  DVR  so will that work or will I need some kind of IR repeater ?

thanks for any help, guidance or suggestions on these three questions would really be appreciated!!!



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One little update... RE "1..

When it is cabled as though (as described in the original post), the TV is the only thing that has a Green cast the XBOX screens render fine!

thanks again!


Xbox one support is located here.

I don`t have an xbox one so i won`t even try to answer your questions.

gsphoto, How you get that gamerpic?

Not entirely sure about 1 or even 3, but the answer to 2 is yes. If you want to watch anything with the One in Pass-Through, the Xbox One does need to be on.

I can understand her not wanting to go through the motions of switching on an extra device, but it's actually pretty easy to get there with voice commands - "Xbox, On" followed by "Xbox, watch TV"

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