3 Discs Squeezed Into 6.67GB?

So I was looking on the GoD section on the dashboard, and I saw LA Noire, just out of interest, I clicked on it too see what its size was, and it is only 6.67GB , how is this possible when It came on 3 discs on the xbox? Is it compressed for download?



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Games on a disc usually have mirrored data for easier and speedier access.  When a game is downloaded from the marketplace all of the mirrored data is removed, as it's running from the HDD.

Ah I See , Cheers!

There was also an issue at the time LA Noire hit the marketplace where it listed the entire game for sale but only the first disc was actually downloaded..hence its small size. So you would get as far as the end to disc1 storylines and it would ask for disc 2 to be inserted


No idea if they ever fixed this issue

That could well be what happened

I have the games on demand version, works like this:

You basically download the 1st disc, then through the 'store' in game download the other desks, i.e homicide, vice and arson (all free obviously!)

It's around 11gb in total (tho i do have some dlc cases there too)

Ah I See, That kinda makes sense now you mention it! Cheers

Of course, the disk based version would need some programs and content to be available on all 3 disks. With an installed copy you wouldn't need to duplicate.

Aye, namely L.A

On disc the city needs to be recreated for each disc, but just once for the games on demand version

I'm actually kind of sure that the games you download off GoD are just ISO rips. That's the impression I get, anyway. I doubt they go to much bother to remove dupe data. I know when I downloaded the FF games off PSN they were all 1.5GB-2GB each, while the 'real' size of each game is probably less than half that. I doubt XBL is much different in that respect.

edit: Then again, if the downloaded version of LA Noire doesn't require disc changes then I'm wrong. But if it's a multi-disc file like the PS1 games on PSN then I'm totally right in every respect.

No disc changes, no disc :)

You just select whatever case you like or street crime and off you go

I'd agree with you re. The iso rips as I have never seen any other multiple disc game released via games on demand, I can only imagine rockstar put an effort in to get their game there