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 am currently thinking about getting a new monitor.. I have a 23.6 inch monitor Asus VE series and was looking to go to a 27inch monitor for gaming and schoolwork.  Has anyone had any time with the 2560x1440 resolution with the xbox rather than say a 1920x1080 monitor.  Im torn on which res to buy

Uses would be for Video, Xbox gaming, and schoolwork, so I was contemplating getting the higher res for the computer side with an IPS just didn't know how this performs with the xbox as I do play quite a bit at my desk, still could use the 23.6" bet would rather find a versatile 27" monitor for gaming/computing and when I have company they could play on the other monitor and both would handle well.

Any experience and thoughts are appreciated.


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The 360 maxes out at 1080p. It won't scale to 2560x1440.


Look at 27" monitor reviews on AnandTech's site. They still test latency using only 1920x1080 which forces the internal scaler to activate on 27" displays that support 1080p input.


It'll be similar to gaming on an LCD TV. 25ms of latency or so.

Does it apply for monitors that have a 1:1 scanning mode? My old (not so old really, but not used for my needs anymore) Acer P243WAid 24" 1920x1200 monitor had a 1:1 mode that when hooked up with an Xbox 360 and set to 720p, you could clearly see that the image was centered and clear, but it had black bars around it (no scaling). With 1080p it still had letterboxing, but it was blurry because it was getting scaled by the Xbox 360 of course.


Since the monitor has 120 more horizontal lines of resolution, When a monitor has that 1:1 mode, does it turn off this scaler? because then if that Asus monitor he's looking at has one and it does turn off the scaler, then it would still be a good gaming monitor.

Hiis existing Asus 23.6" should already be 1080p, so 1:1 shouldn't be a concern.

A new 27" in 1:1 mode would somewhat defeat the purpose of such a display as he'd end up with a small 1080p image floating in black bars. He'd be better off using the existing monitor for his console if the 27" 2560x1440 display had too much input lag for his tastes.

1:1 mode doesn't defeat purpose of the 27" display because if you have devices that don't allow up to the monitor's native resolution, you set it to 1:1 pixel mode and it centers the image with exact pixel height and width making it sharp and uniform as much as the 23.6" would. That's why i asked if 1:1 mode turns off the scaler because it essentially isn't "scaling" anything. it takes the image and shows the image for its exact representation. If it does, then the 27" he  is thinking about could be a good gaming monitor for any device because he could use it both with a PC at 2560x1440 and an Xbox 360 at 1080p (720p blurred crap upscale of course)

27" 2560x1440 displays have a higher dpi (smaller pixel pitch) than 23.6" 1080p displays. A 1:1 1920x1080 image on a 27" 2560x1440 display is smaller than the same image on a 23.6" 1080p display.

lol then get one with a lower than average dpi? just kidding...