25 Indie Games Launching Soon For Xbox One


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Hope we can get these free as games for Gold then

"Set to launch within the next few weeks on xbox one"....

A month later and only one has seen the light of day... :-S

I saw this posted on the main XB1 forum yesterday. Some seem to think 3 of those titles will be hitting the Xbox One next week and the week after.

I must start following some of the Indie games more closely, got to admit when I first read this article most the games I'd never even heard of and some sound pretty decent.

Lofty is suffering from amnesia.  You already posted this list last month, haha: forums.xbox.com/.../1718208.aspx

I forget what I did an hour ago mate lol

... well, I didn't like to say anything...

(best to just nod, smile and side-step away)

Lmao! First the confusion with the X360 / X1 yesterday and now this? Well..I think someone has played too much trials :P

I'm chilling out with some Sim City on PC now so all is returning to normal, well as normal as I get ;-)

Talking of Sim City, I hope some of the future Indie titles are like this, a game you can just relax on, let the blood pressure return to normal.

Not every console gamer wants a COD every week, or a new Battlefield, not saying their not good but variety is the spice of life as they say!