24 HR Cod A thon Invitation

You are invited to take part in an upcoming Charity event in aid of Help for Heroes
The 24 hr Black Ops 2 Cod aThon will take place on the weekend of 19th January 2013
The aim is to get as many Individuals, clans and communities playing Black Ops 2 for the whole 24 hrs to raise as much money as possible through being sponsored.
Can you field a team? Play the full 24hrs as an individual?
If the answer is yes!
Then get yourselves over to our website to find out more and get your questions answered
If you cannot play but would like to donate please go to our official page
For updates and Further Information
You Tube
Thank you for your support and we hope to see you on the day

We are hoping to make this an annual event and would like as many clans and communities to
come together and take part to raise money for this and other worthy causes.

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Is this official?

yes we are registered with Help for Heroes and all donations/ sponsorship need to be paid through our charity page

www.bmycharity.com/24hrcodathon which then goes directly to Help for heroes. You can also contact Hekp for heroes here www.helpforheroes.org.uk/contact_us.php and ask them if the Black Ops 2 Cod A Thon over 24hrs is registered. We ask for no money to be paid direct to us only to the charity and donation page

You are welcome to set up your own page and have donations paid that way if you prefer all we ask is that you let us know you are taking part so we can add you to our list when Help for Heroes officially accept any money we have raised oh and we need to know the page details and obviously how much you raised.

That's good  to know :)

So, what do we ''participants'' have to do?

Do we just have to play CoD Black Ops 2?

If so, then add me to the list!

I always play CoD.

I won't be able to donate though :(

You do know my gamertag, as it is showing up at the right.

People should consider signing up for this :)

I will try referring some friends to this thread :)

Good luck

Happy New Year

The Cod A Thon is just around the corner and so with that in mind I thought I would drop by with a few additional details which you will find below.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to post on your forum but also for your support if you’re taking part.

If you wish to take part can you please send a representative to the official Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/24hr-Cod-A-thon/470214206359990?ref=hl  and post up the following details:

Team/GT/Community/Clan -
How many people taking part (please add all Gamertags)-
Website URL -
Bmycharity URL-
Live stream URL- 

Our website is having a few issues right now so the Facebook page is best for contacting us about this event plus it gives you advertisement for your efforts.

Guidelines for 24hr Cod a Thon

Only rule is play for 24hrs whether it is as a team or individual.

There is NO set time to start your event only a set day, and that is the 19th January 2013 and ends on 20th January 2013. Most people/teams have decided to start at 12pm.

Make sure you get sponsored by as many people as possible you have two ways to have sponsors pay/donate.

1) Download a sponsorship form to print off and get sponsored www.helpforheroes.org.uk/sponsorship_2568172xab33_forms.html

2) Sign up to www.bmycharity.com and create a page for yourself or team. The RnR page can be found www.bmycharity.com/24hrCodathon

If you would like to make your event official then you need to contact Help for heroes and register your event with them events.helpforheroes.org.uk/register/event1.php

Please tell them that your event is part of the RnR event taking place on the same day post this link in your info www.bmycharity.com/24hrCodathon as we are hoping to make this an annual event.

If you can live stream your event then please do and make sure your donation links are available for people to sponsor you on the day, can you also post the link up on your sign up post so we can give people the links during the day via twitter, facebook etc.

Stay Healthy don’t be silly

With all marathons there are risks, please consider this before signing up to this event. We would recommend you play in teams that way if you need a break someone else can take your place. Please make sure you drink plenty of fluids while playing.

If you are playing as an individual please take regular breaks and have fluids close at hand to stay hydrated. Also make sure you have food nearby, use your common sense and make sure your room is well lit. We recommend you take a 20 minute break every 4 hours this is for health reasons the time used for breaks can be added on to the overall time to make sure you do the 24hrs.


Help for Heroes and roughnready take no responsibility for any team or individual taking part in this event. All persons take part of their own choosing and are expected to use their own common sense for their health or any other problem that may arise while taking part in this event. Illness or any other health problem is the responsibility of the individual in question and should be considered by that person before taking part. The charity cannot be held responsible for individuals who take sponsorship and do not pay it to the charity. We ask, to avoid this happening that all persons have any sponsor money paid directly to their charity page. We thank you for your participation and wish you the best of luck.