2 Xbox's 1 LIVE account...

A bit of advice, as the title stated I have 2 Xbox's and 1 Xbox LIVE account. I have played on both and each time I go onto each one I have to recover my Gamertag, is this right or there something not right?

I thought I would only need to recover it once on each one?

Please feel free to correct me.


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You always have to recover thats why it is best to get a usb memory stick and move your profile onto that, then swap it between 360's. Also you could keep ya saves on it so you always have the correct progress.

When you recover a profile from Live is deactivates the ability of any other versions of that same tag to connect. The only time two versions of the same profile can exist and connect to Live is when the other is being used on Games for Windows Live titles, even then signing into one will kick the other offline.

Do as Kaleef has suggested and keep your profile on a USB stick and move them between the consoles that way. Far easier and quicker than recovering each time. 

Thanks guy for the replies. I shall look into a USB stick but as long as there's is no problem with recovering each time. I'll do that for a while.